1/29/19 The exodus is canceled - Looks like the drunken ogre is here to stay


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"As a result, we both want more autonomy."
Just so we're all on the same page, how exactly does this work?
They already just exist in their own worlds.
One in a drunken stupor, the other in an autistic haze of LARPing as an antifa super soldier.

"More defined personal spaces within the house. I do and will continue to live in the so-called living room which is now practically a fortified Antifa barracks.
I just can't have the dungeon / kink shit in the bedroom anymore :3"
O-oh... now it all makes sense.
Clearly, the egg was rotten, and after talking about it, Toren has decided to stay as long as Phil continues to pay for his living expenses and vodka.
But, Toren now controls the bedroom 100% of the way and will allow NOTHING of Phils within it.
Funny how that works.


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So, they have been roommates all along instead of platonic, queer, transgender girlfriends that Isaboy has been harping about for years. We get it, Phil, you are asexual, and we totally know it. Time to get out of the closet. Just admit to being a homoromantic asexual for Christsakes.


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So Toren's next mark wasn't quite lined up well enough, and threatening to move out scared Phil into doing whatever toren wants, despite the fact that the flat is Phil's. Sounds like Toren's gotten sick of Phil's childish roleplays, and has demanded Phil keep the fuck out of his face and out of his way (and probably his sight too).

Oh Phil, you stupid, bullied sped. So many bullshit excuses for being cowed by a gobshite drunk almost twice his age. Truly a fearless antifa supersoldier.

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Jesus christ well count me as having thought WAY too highly of Phil in the previous thread. Continues to be the single person dumb enough for vodka grandma to grift off of. Non-platonically? Bitch, that means Toren doesn't want to be friends with you.
Clearly he begged Toren not to leave him alone to face the Fash and Kiwi Hordes alone, so the Vodka Ogre got every concession he ever wanted, complete 100% control of the bedroom and no need to pay anything.

Fuckin sad.