1/29/19 The exodus is canceled - Looks like the drunken ogre is here to stay


stung by a scorpion
"Not platonically involved anymore." LOL, Phil, do you even know what that means? This is basically two straight men playing at being guy to get approval from strangers online, but desperately trying to come up with excuses why they won't have butt sex with each other. You were never romantically involved, you were never in a relationship, and you were never lesbian girlfriends. I mean, fuck, look at the two of you. Nobody would be desperate enough to have sex with either of you fat smelly troons, even if it was their fetish. They could find better. They could find trannies who actually pass.

Now you've just got a drunken roommate crashing with you for free who has taken over your bed and won't even let you in parts of your own apartment. You are the definition of a cuck. My guess is that either Toren couldn't find someone better to mooch off of, or quite possibly, Phil got desperate once he realized how much dirt Toren has on him. You know for a fact that he was freaked out because Toren was going to tell people he isn't Latinx or didn't get his dick chopped off. Don't worry Phil, it will still come out sooner or later. We are patient.

When Toren finally does leave, what do you think the odds are he'll take Phil's "daughter bike" with him to pawn for vodka money? You know he's probably tired as fuck of that shit.


Godmaster Reverend
True & Honest Fan
When Toren finally does leave, what do you think the odds are he'll take Phil's "daughter bike" with him to pawn for vodka money? You know he's probably tired as fuck of that shit.
Oh yeah, now Toren knows he can get Phil to do anything, life’s going to get a whole lot worse for the potato. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a post in future about how due to the wartime scrap drive he reluctantly has to sell his daughter bike. Then he’ll only get three bucks for it because he covered it in stickers like a little girl’s pencil case.
If karma existed, maybe it's biting Phil in the ass for how he treated his mother.

Or it could just be that Phil's a jerk, so he attracts certain kinds of people.
It was inevitable. The guy sees his friends as nothing more than people he can beg for stuff. He never does anything voluntarily for anyone else unless there’s a direct reward. He never improves his life and he doesn’t need the stuff he begs for. He never shows gratitude, nor any indication that he understands he’s imposing on people. He often shows a revolting sense of entitlement - that people should consider it their duty to put themselves out for him. Even people he admires, like Greta. He has the mindset of a literal baby. Who wants someone like that in their life?

So inevitably, people abandon him. The only people who stick by him are people even more toxic and manipulative than him.

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