1/5/2019 - Tom's Twitter gets Suspended/Chimps on YouTube - Ends with tirade on Facebook and admission of child molestation

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GS 281

Over the past few days Tom's been dealing with trolls on twitter. Tom's twitter activity has been sky high the past few months, and he has been posting upwards of 100 times a day on twitter. Most of his posts weren't captured because it was the same old shit. Him arguing with Jews about Zionism.



Tom is an anti-Zionist Jew and he has trouble discerning between anti-Zionist rhetoric and literal Nazi propaganda, so some of it was comical, but overall, just boring shit about stuff he barely understands. Here is an example from AMB:



Anyways, since Thursday, an extremely bored troll operating several sock accounts on twitter was informing his anti-Zionist friends and the Zionists he yells at about the "Sabrina story", while using a link to video of him telling the Sabrina story. They quickly caught on that Tom was the man in the video admitting to touching a child, and all discussion derailed into Tom defending himself in the most autistic way possible.



In the first day, Tom made a video livestreaming himself being trolled, with the video ending with a troll showing tom that there is now an archive with FIVE HUNDRED FUCKING VIDEOS of him on YouTube. This really pissed off Our Little Hobo, and he ended the stream. The next day, he went back to fighting da twolls in twitter, only to be called a nonce and a pedophile for what he did to little Sabrina.

Today, Tom went to twitter to spread his anti-Semitic bile some more, and he found that he had been banned. His response was this:



As a bonus, he threw in this:


Currently, the chair in his new shithovel is likely being covered in sharts as the feminine hobo stews and brews about in his complete frustration about losing access to another avenue to spread his hate.

The Tooter Menace has been thwarted once again.

Courtesy of @Ride


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QT 219

Tom is one of the only few cows who intentionally exacerbates their own butthurt and trolling by Streisanding the very thing that caused it, in pursuit of asspats and Internet hugs. He also doesn't realize that people outside of KF and AMB find him absolutely appalling in every way. But this obviously can't be true because Tom says he is loved and respected everywhere!


Charles Kinbote

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Dec 8, 2015
"My only regret in life is not starting to live authentically when I was still young. I had opportunities to do it starting when I was about 28, and just was never able to get it together, till 2014."
>subsequent complaining about how he was treated when "pretending to be a man"

IRL bullying is really good for weirdos like Tommy. It's sad that when they get older and more alone, there's no one to keep them on the rails.

The Lizard Queen

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Jun 3, 2014
As a bonus, he threw in this:


What a moron. He's actually bragging about this.
"I molested a child, but it was OK because I was invited to, but then she got angry because I couldn't sex up two women at the same time."

How much you want to bet he completely misread the situation because of his low intellect and interpreted their position and horrified expressions as an invitation to jump into bed with them?