1-8-19 Tom wants the Age of Consent lowered to 12 - Yes. Lowered. To 12.


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Tom just because you think you're mentally 16 doesn't mean you get to fuck kids that are around that age, nor any 9 year olds, because its still illegal for a mid-late teen to molest under 13s.

Personally, I like 18 as a bare minimum for everyone nationwide, and while I get the whole "Romeo and Juliet" clause for 16-18 year olds, it's still teetering too close to the edge of enabling pedophilia for my personal comfort despite it's legality in some parts of the US, and that's for people who actually ARE that age.

Tom is just living proof such a high AOC is absolutely necessary.


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After reading all of Tooter's tortured rationalization, I can see why, even compared to other pedos covered here, he's at the bottom of the pit.

There are guys like Chris McGee, who clearly feels shame despite trying to rationalize things. He's a deviant, but he clearly does feel shame.

Then we have guys like Nathan Larson, who understands why there is shame attached to pedophilia, but argues it should be abolished causes....reasons. He still acknowledges there is shame and that thus far it is entirely valid though.

Then we have Tooter, who not only wants to not feel shame for wanting to have sex with kids, he actively resents the very idea of feeling shame and wants to subvert anything that could make him feel any for his deviancy and wants society to contort itself to let him do what he wishes with a "get out of guilt free" card.

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