1/8/2019 - Tom wants the Age of Consent lowered to 12 - Yes. Lowered. To 12.

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Vomit and then discuss.

For further background, here is Tom admitting to his own activity with children in the past.

Here is text of tom talking about the incident.

i didn't blow her. she blew me. i just jerked her off.

when i was a kid, i'd have dreams of being somebody's wife, just like all the beautiful women in my family and enslave some stupid, hard working putz from a well off family with my pussy, and be left with a fortune when i'm only in my 60's and the schmuck works himself to death.

all i had to do was let him knock me up a couple or three times and carry a kid or three around in my belly for nine months and go through a few hours of incredible pain at the end. it isn't even always that painful, especially if the first one goes well, the next ones are usually easier.

after the kids were born, i had a maid to do all that other shit housewives complain about and i could indulge my friends with long mah jong, bridge and canasta games in the afternoons instead, like my mom, her sister and my dad's sister-in-law all did.

spirit told me when i was young to endure it and i'd be healed when they came to sort this shit out. that's why i never actually made any effort to transition and toughed it out instead.

because i would rather be getting hosed than to be doing the hosing and there was no way my ass was going to be the receptacle, i never went out hound dogging and was a heterosexual serial monogamist instead. it was real easy for me to visualize myself being the fuckee and my partner as the fucker when we were going at it.

i had some wonderful relationships with women going all the way back to the 8th grade, but none of them hated me enough to marry me. at the time i jerked off jenae, i was living with a welfare mama and her four year old mulatto kid in a one room apartment with the kid sleeping in the closet. the thing had a loft and there was a 15 year old runaway who was absolutely freaking gorgeous who slept up there sometimes. i was 28 at the time.

one afternoon, i came home to find meghan and sabrina together in the bed in the living room waiting for me. i knew better because they were pretty mussed up and wet when i got into it. the whole scene unraveled because i only had a few fingers in meghan's snapper, not even the whole hand past the wrist and was all over sabrina, who i'd been lusting after for at least 15 months without ever getting more than long hugs and chaste kisses, which you all know what that will do to a young male at the peak of testicular performance.

meghan, thanks to tyrone, yakina's father, hated sucking dick and had a fuck me and get it over with attitude. she was a little mousie, showing some wear in the face, was a little flabby had stretch marks after 4 years.
thankfully, tyrone lived in another city. there is nothing worse than a welfare mama with a jealous ex-old man you could run into.

sabrina was a blond, blue-eyed cherub with perfect sized, smooth, firm globes on both her breasts and bottom, with the most incredible sparkling eyes, heart-stopping smile, exuberant laugh and the voice of an angel. it was difficult for many people not to get hard-ons when she was around.

meghan threw a tantrum less than an hour into it that she wasn't getting enough attention. i hadn't even fucked either of them yet and had only made them cum a few times. i think what she was pissed about was that i was just cranking her cunt with my fingers and making sabrina sing with my tongue and i wasn't getting to meghan's mouth to kiss her often enough.

the breakup scene shortly after involved some emo twink raver they let stay there, who i came very close to killing when he tried to throw me out for meghan. i threw a fatal strike into his eyes. he shrieked and i reflexively pulled it instead of following through.

that was the first of two times i ever got busted for something like that. everything else i've ever been busted for has been much less serious or a drug offense and those have all been nothing too, because i don't deal or mess with the hard drugs very often. any other times the cops had to get between me and somebody else, either nobody or the other guy went to jail.

after that, i quit having intimate relations until 1990 when i met my last ex-old lady. she was a mess and was so frigid, she couldn't even get herself off. we'll save those stories for another time.

for the benefit of my fan boi who bought a fuckbag to breed in and prefers the pleasure of a cock in his obese ass: yes, i have failed completely to achieve any of the things you, bucket, mike and max aspire to and you know what? i'm pretty proud of that.

ranters respect me for what i am (at least in public, since i know some of you are trying to bait me for the chickenshit bully boys to pounce on) and aren't trying to proselytize me to be like them, but are asking what appear to be sincere questions, not snarling hateful, ignorant shit at me.

some of these guys have been very supportive in helping me to respond to your vicious and relentless attacks all along. one of them has even made his way to make friends with somebody in my inner circle.
maybe the time has come for you to do the honorable thing ?

you're the loser, loser. (not you, mcbig)

This is the person saying that the A0C should be lowered to 12.

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And just so he can't claim this is a one-off remark, Tom has been preaching this for years. Here is a video where he says as much while in a manic state, triggered by Internet Butthurt.

(Starts @ 46:25 if video doesn't go to that spot automatically.)

Tom states:
- Girls are sexually mature at 12
- Children can consent and make their own decisions
- Molesting a child doesn't make you a child molester
- Technically, it's statutory rape but that's just your opinion
- It's the child's fault for being sexual curious or having had sex with other people

What a shitbag.


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Ah yes, the pedophile's favourite defence. "It's not my fault, I'm completely innocent! It's those awful sexy kids seducing me! I was totally helpless!" Nobody in their right mind cannot tell that a 12-year-old is underage. Maybe Tom is some kind of tard and cannot tell that the girl he's talking to does not behave like an adult, but in that case he should have a handler to prevent this sort of thing.
I have no words for this one. Maybe someone can grab a screen cap.

whistle blower;643724 said:
this is why i think precocious females should be licensed. it protects innocent men from slutty girls and innocent girls from molesters. somebody pulling the lolita on a girl isn't claiming her right to have sex, it's going to be real difficult to convince a jury that she seduced him. by licensing the ones who want it, the courts will be relieved of that burden.

ON 190

Licensing”? What, go down to the DMV or courthouse (oh, the irony) and, despite not having the ability to legally consent to the paperwork you’re signing, sign a form for your “fuck card”?

Sure, Tom. There’s no problem with that at all.


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So if you work with children, something you’re trained to look out for is children who behave in a sexually inappropriate manner. Children being impressionable, one of the effects of molestation is that it warps their sense of what’s normal. A 12-year-old who behaves in a sexual way should absolutely not be given a piece of paper basically saying “It’s okay to continue the cycle of abuse, guys!”

I try not to get mad on the Internet, but I never met an advocate for lowering the age of consent who gave a shit about child welfare.
Replying to on the quote of his saying he'd fuck a 13y/o, if she had her papers and was willing ...

whistle blower;643725 said:
that not what i said and what i did say was taken out of context. it would need to be legal. i think precocious females should be allowed to engage in sex as young as 12 as part of an emancipation pleading which would protect innocent men from being seduced by underage women and having their lives ruined and would make it easier to protect minors from molesters attempting to mount a lolita defense. if she hadn't applied for emancipation, she must not want it.
To be clear, Tom is claiming he was quoted out of context not because he wasn't saying he'd fuck a 13y/o, but because the context was that she was emancipated. In his warped mind, he believes he's not a pedo if the girl is emancipated or he thinks she is emancipated.

That's typical if Tom though. You'll point out some horrible thing about him or something he did and he'll object on the basis that some fringe and irrelevant detail is wrong.
Mr Wasserberg, how old are the children in the pictures or videos that you mastrubate to? And do you imagine that they're sexually precocious or emancipated in a legal sense as you mastrubate? This could help clear up that whole "pedophile" misunderstanding that seems to be dogging your otherwise sterling public image.

Tom will say this is a lie that AMB has been spreading because he doesn't agree that he looks at the pictures in a sexual way. He claims that he looks at the pictures to imagine himself as a young girl while he masturbates. I don't think anyone buys that, especially given his proclivity for bragging about child rape, his desire to lower the age of consent to 12, and his insistence that there is nothing wrong with fucking a "precocious" minor.

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Clearly, the best defense against pedophilia accusations is to dig your hole even deeper by stupidly admitting to shit like this publicly online....

"girls as young as 12 should who want to become sexually active should be able to apply for emancipation." - Tommy Tooter

I would say get help, Tommy, but you're beyond help at this point, but please go ahead and keep denying the truth, old man, it's just more content for us.
I don't think a 12 year old has the mental faculties to fully understand what an application is. Most kids at that age can barely work an oven.

I don't see the problem with lowering the age of consent to 16 and having stepped statutory rape definitions.
(e.g. (assuming you can prove some sort of basic consent was established) 12 with 14 year olds are ok. Or 14 with 16 are ok. But 12 with 15 or 16 is a big no-no.)

If you don't see the problem with a grown man having sex with a 12 year old you may need to schedule a visit with Chris Hansen.
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