[1-Nov-2018] Phil vs TevinA new saga begins.

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by thebonesauce, Nov 1, 2018.

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no one can help you


Whose fault is it?

  1. Black guy

  2. Anyone else that isn't DSP

  1. video:


    So for those somehow not in the know, I will try to briefly explain what has happened up to this point.

    Yesterday was Phil’s Halloween stream. The main attraction was Kat. The stream began and she was forced to sit, watch, and just read the chat. She had no interaction with any games, she was bombarded by incels talking about how beautiful she is, and at one point Phil wanted her to stand to, “show off the goods.”

    From what we know from Subaru guy, when she is unhappy with a situation, she becomes incredibly quiet and passive aggressive. She had to sit for THREE HOURS, fake laughing every once in a while, reading the chat the whole time, and at one point she actually had headphones in, presumably listening to something else because she was bored to tears.

    So, suddenly after a break, Phil returns to the stream alone. After claiming numerous times that Kat would not be there for the entire stream, at one point he removes his shitty wig and beard for REAL TAWK. He claims that Kat got really depressed because of all the trolling, and she was so upset that she left the house. Now, for the sake of brevity, I call bullshit and believe she felt objectified and uncomfortable with a lot of the comments that Phil and the boys club were saying. Speculate as you wish, but I digress.

    Phil immediately points the finger at Tevin, calling him out by name and claiming that he was responsible for all the harassment that was happening and that he is mentally ill and should be ashamed. He rants for about 5 minutes and claims that Tevin is going to get what’s coming to him.

    Fast forward to tonight’s Assassin’s Creed stream. The first 20+ minutes is literally Phil inciting his viewers to flag Tevin’s channel on YouTube for, “illegally restreaming his stream.”

    The weirdest, most pathetic and kind of unsettling thing that happened was he claims he has some, “people you wouldn’t want to mess with,” who are apparently SO ANGRY about what happened that they made a vow to take him down. Despite blatantly begging his fans to flag Tevin, he is quick to say that he wants nothing to do with it, he’s not involved, and he claims that he was never responsible for anyone being deplatformed from Twitch.

    Let’s just say that I don’t buy it.

    So what do you guys think? What’s up with this splinter group who has contacted him? They’re apparently some big players by the way Phil is talking, but personally? I feel like it’s all empty threats. Phil is the poster boy for cowardice. He doesn’t do any of the shit he says, but instead pawns it off on his tardbase and expects them to mass flag a YouTube channel for hurting his fee fees.

    I’m thinking this might be the end of his relationship with Kat. He is very VERY buttmad about Tevin and his restream. It’s probably the fact that Tevin gets a consistent 1k+ viewership while Phil struggles to keep 200. Its an interesting start of a saga, to say the least. I’m anticipating Kat leaving and Phil blaming it all on Tevin. It’s gonna happen. Mark my words.
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    thebonesauce The black wind howls...

  2. What kind of "big players" could possibly do anything on Youtube?

    Dave's in more danger of someone contacting the various, more popular, Twitch streamers he's talked shit to.

    If 2-3 people who make more money for Twitch than Dave say something to their community managers he's gonna find himself in hot water over those rants.

    Are we to believe people from the Youtube moderation team were in his stream?
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  3. Did Phil fucking call /baph/ on the meme streams? I see I've missed a lot.

    EDIT: This rant is really so puzzling. What schemes could be jostling around in that little brain of his?
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    Monday Michiru

    Monday Michiru The Washing of Dishes

  4. As many people who report DSP to twitch, there’s a similar number (lower, true) of people who reported the SOK and now report Tevin to YouTube. Nothing happens in either case. Dunno why he thinks YouTube hasn’t at least glanced at some of tevins streams and restreams that are posted.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  5. Something I don't get and I got an absolute kick out of this.

    During tonight's sperg out he said something along the lines of something will happen to them SOON but it won't be because of him but because of some random fags.

    Why publically announce this? I understand he has a case of the tisms but wouldn't he think by announcing his publicly if something was to happen to Tevin the trolling stuff would just get you know...much worse? Since at this point because of the threat they now can connect a dot that he possibly deplatformed someone because they're simply talking over your streams and you're pissed that your GF is mad at you or some shit.
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    Equinox_ Binge Monster tbh

  6. He already brags about deplatforming Tevin from Twitch. He did it like 5 minutes later.


    It's funny how much like MundaneMatt he sounds now.
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  7. dont really have a view or insight, as im not that interested, im just curious if this will lead to his 3rd ban
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  8. Phil's ego is overriding his common sense. He's desperate to look like the Alpha male in this scenario so he's making it clear that Tevin's days "are numbered" and that "we'll all pay" for reminding his soulmaid of the demon closet.
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  9. Speculation: Memology just went after PDF and spurred an actual Youtube News Cycle. He's got alot of attention.

    What if he did a new expose on Dave trying to bring down detractor channels? How many new detractors would be born if the video makers (all of whom are harder on Dave than Tevin actually is; the best part of this is that Tevin really just kind of chit chats and laugh he's not that malicious, particularly before he got banned off Twitch) )edit: forgot to finish the sentence) went in and made a concerted effort of things, instead of poking fun like they currently do?

    He literally told trolls they triggered Kat. That's insane.
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  10. This is all sooooo unprecedented. Something major happened off cam yesterday. Tev himself speculates that it was due to Phil unwittingly reading donation messages that referenced Kat lore.

    Like this one. https://twitter.com/CallMeBeggar/status/1057846759181828096
    "Kat, do you like movies about demon possession?"

    Matt and Sargon. Taking an astoundingly absurd risk to reputation and livelihood to trigger the trolls.
    And own them too!
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    Monday Michiru

    Monday Michiru The Washing of Dishes

  11. Phil's equating internet bullying to "basically terrorism, when you really think about it" deserves mention in this thread :biggrin:.

    Nothing's happened in Phil's case, but Tevin, Bhilpurnell, and TXT were all booted from Twitch within a short time of each other.
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  12. And the funny thing about them all being deplatformed, Phil was in his chat really late at night with a few of his boys club members... They were all deplatformed not long after that.
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    thebonesauce The black wind howls...

  13. I'm pretty sure that it's because Dave as a partner has a community manager he can contact directly and send links of the Youtube videos to.

    Edit: God I'm forgetful tonight; This is why I say him starting shit with other, more successful Twitch streamers is his #1 danger. They can contact people within twitch, and literally all it takes is one person of authority listening to one of those rants and seeing his history of warnings and bans and he'd AT LEAST get talked to.
  14. I predict that Tevin isn’t going anywhere. Phil talks a big talk but he is the biggest coward on the planet. He throws his weight around (mostly in his man tits) and pretends that he’s far more important than he really is. His delusion is unreal.
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    thebonesauce The black wind howls...

  15. FzMolPp.gif
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  16. Yeah, I don't see him having near the cache with Youtube that he does with Twitch.
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    True & Honest Fan

  17. Dave is too much of a pussy to do anything about Tevin.
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    Ratko_Falco Босна је српска јер је Москва руска.

  18. Pay no heed to the angry Old Man Phil ranting. It's just a tactic to rally the paypigs and prepare them for further wallet rape by blaming Tevin/lag/Rambo/detractors/haters etc. Same song, different tune.
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  19. Phil's really lost his mind over this. Something more than just Kat getting trolled definitely happened. Sounds like we're never going to see or hear from Kat again... which is oddly convenient. The way he's talking makes it sound like he's encouraging his fans to get revenge on Tevin, which is a bannable offense on Twitch, but nothing will happen to the golden pigroach.
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  20. Man I just watched that rant and it’s pretty disgusting, mainly because Tevin didn’t egg on anybody to troll dave or kat. He actually complimented kat at one point and said how impressed she was she’s stayed on stream so long.

    Like if DSP was just getting salty about Tevin getting like triple his views it would be one thing, but he’s literally lying about shit to make it seem worse

    What even is the merit to what DSP claims is illegal? He’s been claiming people are breaking the law for years doing this shit and it rarely seems to matter. More accounts making videos about him probably got shut down for harassment than they did for illegally stealing his khantent

    This shit is all just gross though, every time he has a chance to be a better man and take the high road he jumps head first into the mud and rolls around in it like the little pig he is
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