[1-Nov-2018] Phil vs Tevin - A new saga begins.

Whose fault is it?

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"Ich bin Adahlf Pigler!"
Mar 29, 2018
Can someone explain or even post his losses when stream goals aren't even met?

We know the income is substantial, but for extra lulz if he even reads this thread is the desperation of the money he's lost on streams alone with people not stepping up d00ds

Idc if there are behind the scenes payments by his PayPigs, he shows of the goals as a "victory" I think it's time he knows how much he has lost!

p.s pliz pretty pliz, this would make an awesome thread how much money isn't in the Piggy's wallet ❤️❤️
You posted this in the Phil vs Tevin thread
Not open for further replies.