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LGBT 10-12-17 "I miss her" Chris now on suicide watch

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by CatParty, Oct 12, 2017 at 1:49 PM.

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  1. Binaural beat induced menopause most likely.
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    ISP I'd rather just let it fall out

  2. Don't worry, Chris will chipper up once he has more man-child shit to occupy himself with.
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    RoboticRichardSimmons Robotic Weight Saint
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  3. He only got to eat one slice though (:_(
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    Slowinthemind Riding the rickshaw of short buses

  4. Even if Barb died, I doubt Chris would go suicidal.

    I would not be surprised however if he went into a toy store to announce that he will be living there as a beloved celebrity mascot, and the manajerks are homophobe trolls if they don't let him do it.
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  5. Chris misses his blow up doll.
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    NumberingYourState NEET Little Blue Fidget Spinner That's Right 4 U!

  6. Rainbow Dash
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    Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny Valley decently animated
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  7. Chris is actually remourseful about his breakup for longer than a few days for once?

    It looks like Chris is having trouble filling the hole in his heart that Jessica’s feedee fetish should have clogged.
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    Squealer the Animalist

    Squealer the Animalist Can turn black into white

  8. Hasn't he said similar stuff like this to Megan? And Blanca? And Sarah? And PandaHalo? And Julie? And Ivy? And Kacey? And Jackie? And Catherine? He's just gonna go back to his games and do more stupid things for our amusement.
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    #28 everythingisawkward999, Oct 12, 2017 at 3:29 PM
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    everythingisawkward999 I'm probably really tired.

  9. >tfw wasted 9.99
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    UncleMoeLester it will be like the good ol days after 9/11

  10. You people need to stop speculating that every sad episode is a suicide risk.
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  11. Nobody actually thinks Chris is going to off himself. He's too spineless.
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    Keine Male-souled lesbian

  12. Chris just needs to give up and find a good man.
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    The Lizard Queen

    The Lizard Queen Lizard boobs. Your argument is invalid.

  13. Suicide watch, really?... This extraordinary individual has rebounded from more than this... give him/her 2 weeks and (s)he will be doing new wacky videos playing transformers and ponies, and begging for money
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  14. His taint.

    Serious answer, Jessica. Even though Doopie is the one he's most attracted to in the list (after Barb) he can't miss what he never had.
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    #34 sylvalant, Oct 12, 2017 at 4:28 PM
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  15. The only thing Chris is mornuring are his hopes and dreams, those died as soon as Chris was born, though.
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  16. If this is Jessica he's missing, it's kinda weird after what, 5 fake girlfriends, he doesn't realize that Jessica was obviously a troll.
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    MormonofID Let's go Mavs!

  17. Chris will never face the fact he will be forever alone.
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    Quijibo69 Missing Lyman

  18. Why? Given Chris's laziness in making videos and half-assing everything, he would likely swallow a bunch of M&Ms and say "Well, I WISH it was poison!" or try to hang himself, but decide not to because he couldn't find a wrist warmer to fit the rope.
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    ChurchOfGodBear He's just this guy, you know?
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  19. I don't get how you can miss someone you never met and never even talked to outside of Facebook. Someone needs to ask him what he misses about her.
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    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend


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