10/13/21 Scripts, Socks and Sadomasochistic Voyeurs on a Payroll -

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This is really terrifying. I bet this is the view Sabrina got as Tom was trying to fasten a condom to his dick with a rubber band on the smallest condom he could find, so he wouldn't slip out during his "lovemaking".
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I'm actually finding myself agreeing with @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg "Letter to the Atheists" and I'm not sure how I feel about that...
Just watched that part, I'm apatheist (literally don't give a shit one way or another because we either don't exist after death, are stuck with the life we have being eternally reborn as such, or are all going to hell) but he's right about engaging society within the context of those societies. Too bad he doesn't exercise it, and instead relies on ego to parse morality.