10/14/2020 - Tom goes to an anti-masker protest -

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
Person of Interest
I don't even want to imagine what his piece of shit mask smells like.

"Random guy: What do you mean by work your corner"

Tom looks nothing like a hooker. A diseased leper with corn husk for hair....maybe.
Well if we had to guess. I would say a mix of foul body odor mixed with a hint of stale cigarettes shit pee and dumpster swill. Which tom loves to swim in and drink.

It would have to be one of them most foul smell imaginable.

Bubbly Sink

I am an elaborate schizophrenic delusion
look at the thighs on that one bitch

also tommy is disgusting. imagine how crusty his gross mask is.

why does he care about what other people do so much? he's an "anti authority" faggot so why is he trying to tell people what to do?

all in all, yuck