(10-18-2019) i fell and hurt myself - Bonus content: amber flails her hamds on some arcade game


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That little rant at the end about the comments and how people " think they know her life". Amber is one of those people who you look at them and can physically see what her life is like. You eat all day and cant hardly leave the house. You dont have much to vlog so the little you do film is the only "activity" you have which is sitting in the car at walmart at surprisingly going to the arcade.

Where did a theater anxiety come from? I think its more that its hard for you to walk from the car to the theater and sit in that seat for 3 hours.

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I’ve been sliding off on my ALR lore, but it seems to me that in older videos (the Destiny era) Twinkie hopped eagerly in the car when they took her out. This car anxiety thing seems like a newish development. Have any other Kiwis noticed this? Maybe I’m misremembering but I don’t remember her cowering on the floor before the Becky era. I know she’s been saying Twink gets nervous in the car, but I know I’ve seen videos of her jumping willingly into Destinys car, maybe during the FL days.


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Becky can't always be around.

Amber should just invest in life alert.
I highly doubt she would do that. That would mean having to wear a not so cute life alert device around her neck. Also, it’s associated with being elderly and she wouldn’t want to be associated with old people (despite having a lifestyle of an elderly person with just more food involved).

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The only 'new' thing I gleaned out of this assembly of nonsense is that whatever is going on is happening with BECKY. She's the one with lots of appointments "to figure out what's going on". I'm still not sure if we're looking at overall cardiac issues, kidneys, untreated diabetes or some arcane combination of anything likely to hit a morbidly obese woman. But Campbell's tomato soup for someone not supposed to be adding sodium? A can of it has over 400 mg. of salt. The Fall... she importantly assures us she didn't call Becky to help her up. Idiot then mentions the phone skittered away a good 10' or so. IF she'd needed to call anyone to help her get up, she'd have been in a world of hurt. My money is on whoever saw her fall rushed over to help & if they couldn't et her up, at least they'd be in a position to call for help.
The decline is speeding up. We're seeing the increased weight gain in her face, she's already had a UTI, (Urinary Tract Infection), is increasingly depressed, is less mobile & my guess is she couldn't see her foot well enough to judge that it hadn't cleared the top step - hence the stumble which at he weight turned into a fall. Mot of us would have lurched forward, felt like asses but not fallen. It's not clear how many days ago this stumble/fall happened but one of the "fun" things about being that obese & with mobility & thus circulation so shitty is... it's possible she's got some deep tissue injury that she hasn't noticed yet. I've seen many a similar, apparently minor seeming owie turn into a deep tissue ulcer. At her weight & inability to move around properly that could be big trouble for her. Sometimes, they don't heal... ever. A patient ends up stuck with a never ending stream of antibiotic Rxes & long term, that's a problem. Daily dressing changes with packing really messes up your day & eventually yes, can lead to systemic infection and/or amputation. In terms of her weight, she's at the point where she should have a heavy duty walker for safety, avoid such steps & preferably, have a responsible adult nearby. It's easy to drop a phone & have it go flying. Swallowing her pride & getting some kind of Medic Alert button would be smart. Who knows? Maybe they make a style she can turn into a choker.

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I clicked thinking it was an explanation of why she didn't upload for so many days and that it was because of this fall that was finally the beginning of bed bound saga... I should know better by now.

Fuck Destiny, I blame her return on the delay of the tedious mukbangin in bed. Giving the appearance of mobility and activity is crucial for Amber when it comes to her plan of getting her downy sloth back, because she knows damn well that Dustin straight refuses to be her carer. This is gorl's lazy version of mama June losing weight to attend her ex husband's wedding.