10/19/2019 - Transwars - Tom is lonely :(

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No one wanted to hear his backstory when he came out. I wonder why.

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I'm not going to watch this video because Tom's demented ramblings are duller than Sunday dinner at my nan's house, but the title got me thinking; why don't they just make it mandatory for all trannies to fight in wars? Like the state will pay for your cock-blockers and your titty skittles, but you have to go to Syria and bring back the head of some Daesh asshole.

That way, most trannies will just keep it to themselves, and the ones who choose to go through with it will be killed.


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Fuck Tom. I'll wait for a bored autist to get around to documenting anything funny in this video. Not even going to watch it on mute this time.
You rang? I can save you some time he's more grating and stupid but not particularly funny this go round for the most part he is always on the cusp of producing tard cum but he never he really seems to
So did he chimp out or anything? I assume it's just more whining and COPD coughing.
Sadly you are correct
0:00 Tom checks to make sure the stream is set up properly afterwards he says"So nobody knows what I was talking about I guess I gotta start again" Tom informs us about his emotional hardships since his facebook was banned

1:15 Tom would like to take a minute to remind us that Trans people are oppressed

3:45 Tom announces that there is a post about sophie labelle and he is going to read, instead he loses his train of thought and begins sperging about shit he doesn't understand instead of reading the post.

5:30 Tom begins sperging about how the catholic church is awful and how the rest of christianity is bad.

6:15 And he finally remembers he had a post to read Today's story is Sophie and The Very Bad No Good Death Threats.

6:40 Then Tom remembered he hadn't finished his delusional ranting about the Trans wars, Fucking Christ Tom the Moment I think you are going to be interesting you fucking opt out. At any rate according to Tom the future of gay rights is passing his pet curriculum for sex ed

7:00 Apparently why this is important is because Sophie is receiving death threats because she made a poster pushing the same bullshit Tom is. Seven fucking minutes it took you seven fucking minutes to get to your point Tom.

I'm speeding up the video now to see if he starts doing anything interesting

9:30 Tom reads posts about how sophie is Stunning and brave and a bunch of trans horror stories

12:00 Tom is being garden variety stupid

12:45 Tom voices his delusion that he passes easily

14:20 if only Tom put the effort in memorising Captain Quer cereal box trivia into anything else

17:30 Tom takes another moment to remind us of his delicate constitution and how oppressed queer people are globally

18:00 Finally Tom does something remotely funny "Spirit tells me to tune out the haters, they don't exist, just don't let them into your world, defend yourself if you have to" Like he's ever had the emotional maturity to ignore us.

20:00 Tom goes to play sax and lets us know that the one critique of his sax playing ability stuck it's a fairly muted reaction but nice to know it still bothers him

20:30 Tom Begins mutilating livestock

21:30 Tom starts messing with his reed begins talking about how absolutely normal it is to have to fuck with it this much and how his critics don't know nothing

21:50 Mute button my old friend

23:30 Tom fucks with his reed some more eventually opens a new box of them

26:30 Tom still fucking with his reeds apparently he needs to take a moment to find the one that's sufficiently magical

26:50 Tom 'There's six genders in ancient hebrew scripture" where he never says

28:00 Tom fucks with his poor saxophone some more haven't we all suffered enough

31:00 More fucking with the damn sax, more sperging about technical details that I have no idea whether or not there correct. Of course whether or not he understands the theory it doesn't seem to help his playing in the slightest.

34:30 We may finally learn the secret of the Jew fags

35:00 After some staring he gets the link about where would find the six genders
https://www.sefaria.org/sheets/37225?lang=bi and here it is damn it Tom I was expecting half formed sperging but nope just drop the link and its proved Tom then spergs about theology with some other genderspecial sperg

40:00 minutes Tom and your still not funny damn it

41:30 Tom tells the Theology sperg that he should be taken seriously because his ancestors were jewish warlocks

43:00 Tom Blames the jews for ruining judaism

45:00 Theology sperg doesn't seem to know hes play pigeon chess

48:00 Tom tells us how christians want to ban interracial marriage among other things


Glad I didn't watch. Sounds awful. Love that he's butthurt over my comments about him spending more time fucking with the mouthpiece than actually playing. I've come to the opinion that this is part of the act he puts on, pretending to play sax. He thinks it makes him look like he knows what he's doing while not actually doing anything.
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Glad I didn't watch. Sounds awful. Love that he's butthurt over my comments about him spending more time fucking with the mouthpiece than actually playing. I've come to the opinion that this is part of the act he puts on, pretending to play sax. He thinks it makes him look like he knows what he's doing while not actually doing anything.
It gives him a couple minutes before he starts trying to play instead because once he tries that, absolutely everyone knows he can't. And depending on where he's doing it, people start beating him up, or taking his horn and then beating him up, or taking his horn then beating him up with his horn.


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Poor Tom is so desperate for attention that he's actually starting to complain that the 'trolls' are paying attention to him anymore. Seems he doesn't realize that the same song and dance routine is as boring as he is.
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I think he needs to challenge another troon to an MMA bout. That'll get people to pay attention to him again.

It's only a 25hr drive from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Tucson, AZ, USA


Of course, Yaniv and Tommy could meet halfway, perhaps at Twin Falls, Idaho.

I think a big fight like this would benefit both Tommy and the economy of Twin Falls, Idaho which is probably flagging, but I can't be bothered looking it up. At the very least the shitshow would take the people's minds of living in Twin Falls, Idaho which I'm sure is a lovely place but looks a bit run down. The lunacy of two men in dresses beating the crap out of each other to amuse Internet degenerates would clearly be a novelty for people living in small town USA.

I've even found a venue, the Headhunter Boxing Club


For PR purposes both fighters would appear on The Killstream, which has a history of promoting Internet idiots fighting each other in total shitholes.

Here's the venue