Money 10/23 - Chris sued for debt a third time - Verdict: Chris owes $2,777.90 to Midland Funding

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I got sued for debt back in my early twenties by Midland Funding. They like to buy up lapsed consumer debts and sue. Generally for pigeonshit amounts, mine was 2-3 grand. At the time I had access to student legal aid. The school attorney sent them a response asking for proof of the debt. Guess they didn't have shit proving the actual debt and wasn't worth their time or money to pursue further. Case dismissed, without prejudice, but never heard about it again.

Not 100% how sure Chris has settled his debts in the past, I assume he shit his pants and got a default judgement. Either that or settled for some smaller amount. Either way, once he's served, more e-begging incoming. I personally would like some videos where he expounds more on his CWCville prosperity gospel.

The Un-Clit

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"Christian" not "Christine"...does that mean this is debt Chris has been hauling around since before legally changing his name?
It very likely is old debt. Bad debt can be sold on up to....shit I dont even remember now? 3 or 4 times for less and less on the dollar each time. Usually by this point you will get harassed by auto-diallers from the lowest-end call centres trying to get you to clear your bad credit for sometimes as little as 10% of what you originally owe.

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