10/3/2019 - Who Can I Turn To On My Birthday? - Tom is feeling lonely :(


Beating my meat like everyone's watching.
True & Honest Fan
What happened to all your trans friends throwing you a birthday bash?


All tunnels lead to Skavenblight
Clearly Satan wants nothing to do with Tom, that's why he's still alive

If God doesn't want him and Satan won't have him does that mean Tom is immortal?
Is he lying about his age? I find it hard to believe he's in his 60s TBQH.
He looks seventy-ish to me but given his lifestyle I could imagine him ageing faster than the rest of humanity so mid sixties doesn't sound to far-fetched to me.

Edit: Four minutes in and he's calling the police Tom you are nothing if not a volatile commodity I was about to write him off for that great lolcow graveyard in the sky with just how boring he has been lately


Check your immunoprivelege.
At least he’s safe from getting raped in the showers.

Why? I thought he was a chick with a dick?

You go around with advertising that working theory .... And see where it gets you. 😨🤤

If you want to be treated like a woman, prison makes for great field experience.

Anyway to answer Tommy's question "who can I turn to?" The answer is us.

Even if we are complete assholes, we at least pay attention to him.

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