10/4 - Chris says Magi-Chan wrote Hawaii trip tweet for monetary gain - and thinks Dark Idea Guy is plotting to invade from Alcatraz

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Mason Verger

was she a great big healthy at any size person?
True & Honest Fan
Yeah but I bet she fights dirty and has a mean streak. The thought of Barb and Chris engaged in combat reminds me of the photos where a snake tries to swallow a gator and they both end up dying in a complete mess of dumbassery.
Barb keeps bobs army .45 in her house gown just in case her "daughter" decided to Norman Bates her.

Actually I started that as a joke but remembered that Cole said Barb actually has kept a loaded handgun around and even haphazardly fired it.

The Other Chandler

I used to think Chris was harmless. And at the time, that was probably true. Then the GameStop pepper spray incident happened. He sprayed the guy in the shirt, but it was still a terrible precedent. And he pulled the pepper spray out numerous other times too, during the Blarms era.

That seemed to fall into the background. But now his latent mental issues have finally manifested into overt mental illness. Chris even admits to punching Barb, due to the Idea Guys. Even removing trolls, he routinely "communicates" with his fictional creations. I'm not saying I expect Chris to hurt anyone, but it seems very possible for maybe the first time in Christory.

My hope is that the system picks him up again at some point, and they figure out how mentally ill he really is. Even if it takes him off our radar, he needs psychiatric help. And the only way that will happen is if the state forces him.