Lovequest 10/5/16 - Chris purchases an anime body pillowcase -

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willing to bet she's from a show he's never watched, he just bought it because he really wants that lesbian sleepover with a cute heartsweet

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Lets be real, it's more surprising he hasn't bought them before.
tbh, i have to agree and disagree with this
i agree in that a body pillow most definitely something chris would like
but on the other hand money spent on pillows could be used for lego and vidya
and why spend time talking to that pillow (among other things) when you can play that game you bought 23842379487 copies of?

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Picture this, if you will.

A warm spring night. Chris in his basement, sprawled out his bed, laying on sheets that haven't been washed in 2 months. Chris wearing nothing but the V-string, grinding the sex pillow into his groin, as he works on one of his D-cup moobs with his free hand. His oily hair matted up with sweat. He softly calls to himself :julay::julay::julay: and before he knows it - :pickle::fapcup:


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I just hope that the possibilities I'm imagining he'll use the pillow for aren't as bad as the actual reality but that's probably being over optimistic. The fact that he bought it when it's probably based on an anime he's never seen speaks volumes.

I'm not overly surprised by Chris buying something like this at this stage though, this is the guy who's bought several blow up dolls and a plush pair of breasts so it's not like he doesn't have prior.

This is yet another example of him putting his money to awful use again though, hopefully the next time he makes a begging video which he brags about acting extra sad in people will be less hesitant to donate to him.

The sellers review was left "in the past month". Hmm, if only people could've predicted that Chris' begging would've been for something he'd seen and wanted now now now now now as opposed to genuine money issues......

Chris has somehow managed to make his room more autistic since the fire. Whereas once it was just a claustrophobic mess of weeb with the occasional flash of titty pillow it is now a great sea of autism with his own dakimakura maiden to precide over his Lego waters. He rose from the ashes of 14 Branchland Court like a pheonix, and then decided he'd rather play vidya and buried himself back under there again.
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