100 Days of Weighing In | Day 12-15 - 6/10/19

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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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100 Days of Weighing In | Day 12-15

"I forgot this was even a thing." - emspex - true words

Settle in boys and girls. Here we go down low effort mountain again.

0:00 - Hey Guys! Twinkie is in the back looking fat and sad. Poor pupper. :`-(
0:05 - Necky turned in Amber's paperwork to the WL clinic near Bacteria Lake. This was filmed on May 17th :story: so we are coming up on a month since ya gorl turned in her papers.
0:09 - Amber notices Twinkie and does her giggly puppy voice.
0:21 - Nice out of breath cut there Amber.
0:25 - She filled out a packet for a weight loss surgeon but she doesn't want WLS? So why did you even bother and waste this place's time?
0:30 - She doesn't want WLS, she wants a "medical based weight loss approach". Whatever that means.
0:35 - Shoutout to the Coldest Water Bottle for holding it down on the back right table.
0:44 - "Like it is a weight loss surgeon. Like whhhhhhhaaaaatttttt?" Literal ♿
0:46 - Our gorl forgot to weigh in again today. How do you even forget? You can get up from Pillow Mountain to weigh yourself?
1:00 - Amber tells us if she is eating badly subconsciously she forgets to weigh herself. Sure sis. So what she told us is that she has been eating badly up until May 17th at least.
1:09 - Our gorl is going outside ya'll. We get to hear her breathing as she struggles down the sidewalk.
1:14 - Twinkie barks while Amber does more puppy voice.
1:20 - Amber finds a cigarette butt outside and is perplexed why it is there because no one in the house smokes.
1:23 - More cringe puppy talk.
1:45 - Amber is sitting down outside in the same place as the Go Outside With Me video. Keeping that content fresh gorl.
1:50 - Out in the sunlight you can really see how dirty Amber's muumuu is. It is covered in Twinkie's hair along with fresh dandruff powder from Mt. Poop Bun.
2:23 - The first weigh in and it is completely dark in her room and of course the industrial fan is going.
  • Hello. It's ready. 565.8 ellbees.
2:50 - She said she is down a pound since last video and that she has been doing fasting. She hasn't "binged" but she is overeating.
3:14 - Since it is Saturday May 18th, she didn't get a call about the paperwork. It could take 1-2 weeks.
3:23 - We are back to pillow mountain and the fans. Great.
3:33 - Our gorl is emotional today because she really misses her mom who lives in Oklahoma. Our gorl goes on a long story about missing her mom and her family. It has been 11 years since she has seen a blood relative.
  • TL;DR since our gorl is too fat to fit into the car, she can't go and visit her mom.
  • It would be very easy to feel sorry for Amber because for the uninitiated, she sounds really sad y'all. But for us Ambstorians, we know this is a manipulation tactic and a laaaahhhhh.
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She thinks she is going to get weight loss surgery FUCKING LOL, no surgeon except Dr Nowzarden will even attempt surgery on the walrus

note the fat cunt is using a black screen for weigh ina also this gem "my binging is what causes my huge weigh gain." No you fat cunt its the fact you over eat calorie rich food in abundance.

Plus she says she cant visit her mum because her weight but its the fact she is lazy as fuck.

This is classic victimlynn, she keeps going on about her mother even though her mother hates her. Apperently this is her rock bottom - sure Jan, FUCKING SURE.

dealing with a lot - you never leave the house at all.

she thinks she needs to lose 200lbs to be healthy... GORL you need to lose at least 400lbs at your height.

we have a dingy bra strap sighting :) video pretty much over at a pathetic

however at 9 30 WE GOT IT GORLS SHE CONFIRMED BECKY GOES OUT AND GETS FOOD AT WALLMART. Mission accomplished apperently she is seeing a psychologist SURE JAN!!!!!!!
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Taking bets on if she actually see's this weight loss surgeon and if she does how many visits she actually goes too.

My bet is that she goes to one appointment and never goes back and only speaks of it once and wants us all to move on because the doctor only wanted to do surgery and not actually halp her lose weight.

My second bet she goes once but he wants to put her on a really calorie restrictive diet and she feels that it's too low of a calorie count and she can't survive on it so she will not be going back.

Third bet, she doesn't go at all and once again says she can do this on her own.

Fourth bet, she is bed bound by the time the appointment rolls around and she can't go.

Long term bet, she's dead by the time 2021 rolls in and they have to hoist her out of the house.

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I bet she will go but the doctor will tell her he wont' do surgery until she gets health insurance. I don't think she can openly get health insurance right now until the end of the year. Once the end of the year comes she will say that insurance will be way out of her price range.. she may have to pay several hundred dollar a month..and since the start of the new year is coming she will promise that 2020 will be her year. i also think she could get a diabetes diagnoses though in the next year and won't have insurance which will be a big problem once she realizes how much medication costs


Amber is a lot like Chantal, she is always planning to make appointments or going to call someone, but she never goes or she flakes on them.

How many days did it take Amber to fill in the second form for the weight doctor? 3 days? And this was after she "accidentally" lost the first one.

Amber doesn't want weight loss surgery, she doesn't want to see a therapist, she doesn't want to stop eating, all she wants is to be the thin bitchy mean girl that she has always imagined herself being.

Edited to add:

Wtf is going on with Amberlynn mentioning her mother so much lately??

Give us some tea aunt tammie @Interventionist

It's emotional manipulation of the most basic and pathetic kind, if Amber really cared about her mother (lol) she would stay away, the only thing Amber will do for her mother is damage her sobriety.

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I haven't watched it but the face in the fuckin thumbnail is a "gained weight" look.
She has a "hand caught in the cookie jar" expression but I'm guessing that huge bloated thing got stuck in there like Winnie The Pooh's head.

She thinks she is going to get weight loss surgery FUCKING LOL, no surgeon except Dr Nowzarden will even attempt surgery on the walrus

I think Dr. Proctor from Family By the Ton would do this and Atlanta is a lot closer to her than Houston. She'd have to do the 3 week liquid diet to unfuck her liver and prove that she lost the weight....yeah I don't see it, but she would never be able to do Dr. Now's program which probably has way better long term efficacy.


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So with all the cryeen, eye-openeen, and somewhat-"regular" weigheen een going on, does that mean we are rolling back into phase 1?