100 Days of Weighing In | Day 18 - 6/22/19

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How much does Amber weigh as of today 6/22/19?

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  • 540 - 550

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • 551 - 560

    Votes: 3 1.0%
  • 561 - 575

    Votes: 20 6.5%
  • 576 - 600

    Votes: 118 38.1%
  • 601 - 615

    Votes: 97 31.3%
  • Over 615

    Votes: 71 22.9%

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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
True & Honest Fan
Hot fresh khantent:

She turned off Likes/Dislikes :story:

Today's video is Day 18 of 100 and she didnt weigh-in what was the point of this video?

We get Amber, Necky, and Eric in one video. Poor Ricky he was probably at the slaughterhouse.

0:00 - Gorl we see that new zit on your chin. We surely do.

0:05 We are on a field trip and at Necky's sister's house. Necky and Amber brought Eric. Poor Ricky, he was likely at the slaughterhouse.
0:13 - Here is the zit in natural sunlight

0:13 - Apparently, there is a pool and Necky and Eric are in it but Amber declined to get in because she is "not dressed the part". We all know that she either can't fit in the pool or she can't get out of it. Why you laaaaaaahhhhhhh-ing?
0:22 - We see Twinkie "Stor" getting some respite from the sun by hiding behind Mt. Fupa

0:34 - Look at those blemishes gorl. WASH 👏 YO 👏 FACE 👏

0:40 - We see a young boy. I wonder if this is one of Necky's nephew's. Poor kid hopefully he makes it to see 10.
0:59 - We get a shot of the hamplanet mobile. We have had a discussion in the general thread discussing if Amber and Necky have a different car. It looks the same to me

1:10 - Despite this video only being a weigh-in for one day, Amber didnt even bother to weigh-in. Nice clickbait gorl. She said she had to rush so that is why there is no weigh in. Gorl also didnt do her eyebrows.

1:51 - Amber plays with Oreo who is one of Necky's sister's cat.
1:55 - This angle is horrifying. Look at how she is sitting and the camera is really close to her stankass fupa. Thank goodness there isn't smell-o-vision yet.

1:58 - Look how much space her layyyyyg takes up on the screen

2:09 - Look at this pupper. He is so cute. His name is Rambo

2:22 - We get our first shot of Necky in the pool wearing a Corona shirt

2:37 - This is the newest yoga position and is taking the world by storm. It is called the beached whale

3:05 - Eric runs and jumps into the pool and yells out WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as he runs and jumps. Of course he is wearing a rainbow shirt because gay is his only identity.

3:58 - Amber got sunburned on her chest ya'll. Look she shows us! :cryblood:

My favorite part of this photo is the beetus fingers

4:23 - Amber says that she is rocking the "sun-kissed" look.

4:58 - Our gorl points to a zit on her forehead and calls it her "third eye"

5:15 - Our gorl is thirsty and dehydrated. She was out in the sun all day. Why didn't you bring your coldest water bottle sis?

5:34 - Remember when our gorl told us she didn't sweat? Well that's because she is getting sweat blisters where the sweat stays under the skin like a zit :cryblood:

6:17 - Mini-update! Moar khantent gorls! The big update is that she had food and drink. We even get a DSP thumb from Amber.

6:54 - Amber lets us know that the fag shanty is watching Rupaul's Drag Race Reunion.

7:29 - This is a face of pure happiness and joy. Also, got to love the tacky picture of Molly Cyrus on the wall

7:47 - Our gorl shows her literary prowess by thinking that parentheses go around a quote. She then says that is not right, it would be trying with a capital........letter. which is still wrong booboo. Your end card sums it up perfectly.

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Driest of gorls
Not even watchable on 2x
she would have displaced all the water

also the last time she went into water was when she traumatized twinkie and also got a savage yeast infection because you know she wore those leggings wet for 4 days
Also with her hygiene she'd dirty the water for everyone else. Imagine that kid playing around in Amber's bathwater. Absolutely disgusting!