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Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapercal
I saw Null's post and I thought about 10groups.github.io's heat map:
10groups.github.io heat map.png

Which seems to break down the "Centrism" problem of having multiple positions based on individual circumstances, I don't think a government should have one solution to wildly different situations.

I clearly lean Lib-Left on social issues like rehabilitation for those undeserving of capital punishment, and Body Autonomy except when the state (taxpayers) has to pay to fix what you did to yourself. However I'm a monarchist who believes in national service because virtue is a habit that grows weak with idleness, and the average white-liberal never had a chance to be a man or woman in the hyper-commodification under-protected childhood of even pre-internet America. I also lean left on the fact that corporations ought to be illegal forms of business but I also think Sole proprietorship right up through Cooperatives & Partnership ought to be less regulated in order to compete against the corporate model currently running the American Economy by Wall Street's investments. Yet I get centrist on most polling.

Anyway, what's your heat map, and does it fits you?



True & Honest Fan
Third Positionist being on a chart of how socialist vs. capitalist things are, really shows how stupid it is.
I think really though even without the exceptional left v. right dichotomy, these tests would still be exceptional. On the capitalism v. socialism debate, my view is "a popular obsession with the distribution of wealth is a sign of a society descending into barbarism." So how would I even answer any questions in that general vein? Do I side with the socialists who are willing to literally kill Bob just because he has a nicer house than Sam, or do I side with the capitalists who will allow Bob to exploit Sam because his wealth was earned "legitimately?"

Personally, I think these tests themselves serve as valid evidence of why Democracies and Republics don't work. You'll never actually be able to support some rational standpoint on anything. You'll always have to support whatever position roughly 50% of the population at the time has decided to support, and more often than not, they only came to support that position because they were coaxed into that position. The problem with coaxing will only get worse as time goes on because ultimately, that's the only real avenue to power anyone ambitious has in Republics and Democracies, so in the end, the most manipulative in society end up controlling society.


What'll it be, boys?
True & Honest Fan
Apparently not trusting companies or governments makes me some kind of radical centrist.
The only political philosophy that is observably true is that every human institution, whether it's public or private, will inevitably abuse its power and consolidate leadership by any means necessary once it grows large enough. This is not an extreme statement, but it's surprising how few believe it.

Save the Loli

They call me a radical far-right extremist, but apparently I'm just a little left of center. WTF is this test?

Maybe it is true when I've realized that most of my political positions are only "radical" because progressives have driven us so far left at the same time neocons/neolibs have spent 40 years passing out corporate welfare and deregulation. Is it really that radical to believe society should have equal opportunities for everyone but also believe society should kick around shithead criminals and degenerates if they want to sling dope or cut their dick off? Or the ultra-radical theory you can't have a welfare state and mass immigration, and that bringing in third worlders by the boatload is a bad idea that benefits the rich?

Of course not, pretty much everyone, right or left, agreed on this 50 years ago except the insane hippies on the New Left who later entered into the universities as professors and gave us critical theory and the big business types bringing in the immigrants to make themselves richer. You look at federal legislation in the United States from the 50s - 70s, a lot of it is well-written and intentioned and when you approach it with realism and learning from mistakes (like not encouraging welfare recipients to shit out kids). I mean shit, I even think we have the right amount of gun control in this country with our current system and if we enforced the law correctly we'd have all the "benefits" your modern progtard/MSM zombie thinks all these gun control bills will bring with none of the drawbacks.

I guess I just have the political mind of some generic left-wing boomer Democrat stuck in 1961 but is so disturbed at what he sees around him in 2021 that anything is necessary to save the country. Like the part where I wouldn't mind putting hoodrats and troons and most current politicians in the gulag and then change the political system to make them and anyone who thinks like them never hold any power again.

Penis Drager

My memes are ironic; my depression is chronic

I'd post pics if I wasn't phoneposting (it won't let me download the images on mobile for whatever reason).
I'll update when I'm off work.
Edit: pics
results compas.png
results axes.png
results heatmap.png

TL; DR: still a damn dirty centrist. I guess.
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Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapercal
Somewhat suprised that I'm not that authoritarian tbh.
I believe that is because the test differentiates between how authoritarian you want your end-state politics to be with how urgently you want to implement your politics.

They call me a radical far-right extremist, but apparently I'm just a little left of center. WTF is this test?

Maybe it is true when I've realized that most of my political positions are only "radical" because progressives have driven us so far left at the same time neocons/neolibs have spent 40 years passing out corporate welfare and deregulation.
Maybe the Real Left is the class-based left instead of the race-based left? I'm against oligarchs like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, always have been.

Imma guess most everyone on KF is in this general area...
yeah, maybe the heat map is less good than the confusing 10 group output?


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