Sonichu 11/11/2017 - Sonic Forces - Money Wasting

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Laughs at Tards
Something about it looks so unnerving to me. Maybe it's the soulless eyes that reveal the dead husk inside when you gaze into them?
For some reason, almost all the screenshots I've seen of OCs from that game look like that. Either people gravitate towards that specific set of eyes for comedy's sake, or Sonic Team should fire all their 3D modelers.


Yo, Buddy. Still alive?
Someone modded Sonichu into Sonic Generations, so I'm sure someone will do it for Forces on PC soon too.
(Insert obvious "modders haven't figured out how to do that on the PS4, Switch, or XBone" comment here)
It's possible. However the files for models are completely different to that of Generations and are similar to Lost World.

The issue at hand, though, is whether someone would actually WANT to do that.
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