11/12/2020 Nazis Go Home! You Lost! -


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
Remember when Tom went to a march and spoke German while throwing a Nazi salute?

pictured: Terrible Two Spirit Tom

I like how Tom bitches about the rich yet comes from a wealthy family lol.

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Around 9:11 (teehee) he mentions his new neighbors. And their 16 year old daughter. Which naturally leads him to talk about how he is looking for a life-partner.

Surely these two thoughts are unrelated, though, because we know Tommie would never do anything immoral or illegal.

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And yet Tom did find time to mention the Sabrina story again and make the same lame excuse yet again. Tom seems to not be able to process that he did commit a crime and this is not any other country.

Tom showed his anger towards myself and Sneasel as well. I got a really good laugh first thing this morning.