11/16/2019 - Busking in the underpass - Tom takes us begging


Does anyone even put a dollar in the old dudes case? I had to watch on mute, but it looks like his COPD and lack of ability keeps him from paying more than 20 seconds at a time.
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Okay it is definitely a curved soprano he's on right now. I still want to know the model though, and its hard to tell from his crummy camera quality.

Off the bat his tone is appalling. I can't stress how important embouchure is on a saxophone ESPECIALLY the soprano. Its something you spend a lifetime on, and takes dedication and work to master. Technically I could pick up any saxophone and play it, but I would never say I play soprano. Its something I never got the opportunity to study, or something that I would have the time to take up right now. I spent years playing on Alto and Baritones, and even then I still learn new things about the horns and the development of sound. Tommy needs to go to the drawing board and listen to what the horn should actually sound like. I don't think he's taken the time to listen to other artists outside of himself. Here's 2 minutes of a guy playing a similar horn (definitely a higher quality horn, but nonetheless).
Listen to the tone difference. Tommy wouldn't sound great if he developed his tone (his timing and improv are crap, but one can be fixed with a metronome, the other comes with confidence and time) but he'd at least sound bearable, and someone might throw some cash.

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