11/18/2019 - Calling out a totally full of shit kiwi - Tom calls me out for saying his COPD prevents him from playing for more than 20 seconds... by playing for 1:45



Of course Tom doesn't even respond to the actual quote. His mental illness focuses him on something other than what I said. The actual quote is:

Does anyone even put a dollar in the old dudes case? I had to watch on mute, but it looks like his COPD and lack of ability keeps him from paying more than 20 seconds at a time.

So, in the video in question, Tom barely manages 20 seconds at a time. Remembering that he had to walk to the underpass and was standing. He also hacked up a lung a couple times.

In truth, I don't think the COPD prevents him from playing, I think his lack of ability and the fact that he wants to be seen holding the sax more than heard is the reasoning. Either way, Tom has proven nothing here as he's not a musician and can't play for shit. He only manages to "play" for about 7 mintues while he stops four or five times to talk about why he's incapable of playing anything that even remotely resembles music. Beyond that, he looks like an exceptional idiot trying to pretend that his inability to play is just over the top improv.

Further Tom laments how sad he is that nobody is paying attention to him anymore on AMB and KF, then invites people to come troll him on Discord/YouTube/etc.... probably because he needs the attention to go complain to the cops about.

I thought he was going to be honest for a change when he states that 49 out of 50 people ignore him... but he's using that as an excuse for not getting money and not as an admission that nobody thinks he plays for shit.

At 14, he spergs about this post:
I personally would rather see him reply to this post:
Okay it is definitely a curved soprano he's on right now. I still want to know the model though, and its hard to tell from his crummy camera quality.

Off the bat his tone is appalling. I can't stress how important embouchure is on a saxophone ESPECIALLY the soprano. Its something you spend a lifetime on, and takes dedication and work to master. Technically I could pick up any saxophone and play it, but I would never say I play soprano. Its something I never got the opportunity to study, or something that I would have the time to take up right now. I spent years playing on Alto and Baritones, and even then I still learn new things about the horns and the development of sound. Tommy needs to go to the drawing board and listen to what the horn should actually sound like. I don't think he's taken the time to listen to other artists outside of himself. Here's 2 minutes of a guy playing a similar horn (definitely a higher quality horn, but nonetheless).
Listen to the tone difference. Tommy wouldn't sound great if he developed his tone (his timing and improv are crap, but one can be fixed with a metronome, the other comes with confidence and time) but he'd at least sound bearable, and someone might throw some cash.

Astoundingly Tom thinks his tone sounds exactly like the embedded video, then proceeds to mock the guy who can actually play music as "not taking chances" and "elementary school stuff". Tom has no self awareness as he cannot even even manage "elementary school" level of music.

I think this is Tom's sax that he grifted from Amazon using Amazon credit that he'll never pay back.

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It warms the warms the cockles of my cold heart that Tommy misses us so much <3

-They probably feel sorry for your hobo ass
-You probably earned that money from sucking off dick
-Book learned shit? Which grade?
-You'd play your instruments better with your butt hole
-"you can't play my horn" -Who'd want to except desperate closeted fags?
-Oh I thought you playing a video of yourself
-Criticising the farm: appropriate metaphor of 'nest', you're a member here too you idiot
-What the hell is medicine person?!
-Your dad taught you well but not well enough
-"I'm not a woman"- you're right about that. Why they hell then do you use female pronouns?
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_ "Lonely, I'm so lonely, I've got no body to cal my own...."


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That's a face you just can't get used to.



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You have to be some kind of delusional to blame your audience for your music not bringing in any money when busking. He's the living embodiment of the Skinner "Am I touch of touch?" meme. Why is you think people ignore you, Tommy? It's because no one can stand the awful screeches coming out of that sax. If you could actually play, it wouldn't matter that you look like a freak show, people would still drop some money in.

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"I'm always unrehearsed when I play."
"I'm always running off at the mouth when I play."
Fuck me! Now I NEED to know what his kit is. He's on a size 4 reed for the soprano? Jesus Christ that's terrible. When starting on a horn you never just push the reed sizes like that. My professor advised me to step down a reed size at university to actually develop a sound, and later the director of the program gave me some 4s just to play around with and push my limits. I was doing all my performing and rehearsing on 3s, and playing around it practice for 30-40 minutes on the 4. Just gave me a better understanding of the development of my sound.

You're right Tom, I wouldn't be able to play your horn. My better judgement wouldn't allow me to. If @BigTodd is right about your horn model that thing is going to break so easy and so fast, and you won't get a good sound on it no matter what you do. A pro might be able to, but they're going to hate doing it. If you're really make hundreds of dollars on a Saturday night good for you. You must have some kind souls out there. Sometimes that depends less on what you play and more on where you stand. I used to play outside of a gas station for some spare change to buy candy and and soda. I didn't make bank, but I always walked away with a soda and some candy.

That guy was doing some elementary shit, but its something you'd never be able to do, and its something you apparently refuse to get better at. He was testing that horn for sound, of course he isn't going to blow you away for a two minute Youtube video. One thing your music is lacking is a understanding of pauses/spaces in the music. You just 'run off at the mouth' and it leads to nowhere. Your pauses are to just suck in a small breath and have no rhythm in to them whatsoever. If you'd like I could record some stuff for you to listen to. I've mainly been working on my guitar, as I use that much more right now, but I'll dust off the old saxophone and put something together if you want.