11/18 - Chris's Twitter posts a video of him jacking off - and references the Idea Guys

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So this is a video of Chris jacking off while singing All Star, that was posted to Chris's Twitter, then deleted a couple minutes later. The direct link to the Twitter video should still work, but I also grabbed it and attached it to this post.

This might be the original Idea Guys back again (one of them is from Kentucky, the Bluegrass state), or the new Idea Guys, aka Magi-Chan / the Teen Troon Squad, have Idea Guy videos and are posting to Chris's Twitter for kicks.


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Mariposa Electrique

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Chris doesn't need to be in a group home you guys. He's perfectly taking care of himself......10 minutes later, a vidoe surfaces of Chris wanking it to some weird song in the 90s. OMG....WTF.........:story::pinetar:
Did he fucking orgasm when he yelled "mooooooooool"?