Interests 11/20 - Sanic the Haghoog's Message to SEGA -

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Plus updated Chris caricature appearing to be proposing to Sanic.


"Please and Thank you."
Wow, he's so mad he can't vandalize things in real life, he's resorted to go back to drawing in order to fulfill his vandalizing desires.

I guess in his autistic mind if a SEGA exec walked around and ran into him vandalizing, the guy would think 'wow, this is really a strong reflection of how the public feels about the decisions we took! better do what he says!'

What the hell is that black rectangle behind Sonic? Did Chris fuck up and decide to hide it with black because the purple didn't cut it?

That's the way he typically tries to cover up his mistakes. The infamous "PENIS IN YO FACE!" image from the Honeymoon Comic is a classic example (don't worry I won't post the image here. Some people may have just eaten).


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It is kind of interesting that Chris' slightly skewed version of himself translated to his tomgirl form so easily. Now instead of being a svelte, broad-shouldered man, he's a slender woman with a full head of hair. I'd rate it Optimistic if I only could.


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The spelling of the word color is different depending on the country. Americans use color, but he's not wrong.

He's in the US and has always used US spelling before. I wonder if he just copied some other Sonic arms purist's call to arms and didn't notice it was using the English (Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, etc.) spelling.

The pun above was not intentional (migraine making me slow in da mind) but I'm leaving it.


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Wait, that girl is supposed to be tomgirl Chris?

Well, glad to see he's seemed to easily transition into portraying himself as a woman now. Though he still seems insistent on making himself appear at least remotely attractive no matter what gender he's decided to become.

Oh Chris, you may have a soul vagina but you're still the same self-centered bent duck we all know.
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