11/29: Sockness takes his ball and goes home - Tards out on Chris and refuses him permission to use his lore in the card game

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With props to @Rogowski who first noted and broke this on the Sockness thread:

Now we all know from @Alec Benson Leary 's case what Chris thinks about copyright in regards to something he's imagined even if it's been created by another person. While this is most likely just a pressure tactic from Sickness to get his heartsweet back, there just might be some potential for some fresh milk should one of the two really dig in their heels on this one.

There is no way in hell Chris is going to stop using Jacob's stupid crap since he's already incorporated it into his cpu/pony/sonichu/dimensional merge fantasy world. Sockness is just stupid enough to go full retard and start casting demonic curses and shit at Chris, who will likely believe in their power. Will he fight back with his CPU powers, or will he give in and take Jacob back just to shut him up? Or will this roll a completely unexpected way?

Things just might have gotten interesting again in CWCville.

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I want a lawsuit to actually be filed, just to see how far Chris's defense of "my experience cannot be copyrighted" can take it.

Also, if Chris' experience cannot be copyrighted, that would mean Chris himself cannot own copyright of it. That means everyone else can draw their own comics of the same story to sell for profit. I wonder what would happen if Chris realizes that.

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My guess is Chris will go ahead and make this deck, maybe change some names because that how he thinks skating around copyright works, then be a high-handed assclown when Sickness calls him on it. "I am da CPU goddess of C-197, and I am only relating my own Personal experience in da Kidasuna dimension, among which. You cannot silence da Fated Happenings of what I have foreseen, Jacob, so shut up with your Trollish ways or be punished."

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Sockness claiming all of this belongs to him means it isn't real and that he made it up, making it an original story vs. something real. This must mean that Sockness knows this is all made up and thinks the "copyright" is somehow enforceable. Not only that but CWC would then beg for money for legal defense to fight it so he could go to court and talk about how he witnessed these things firsthand and thus he can express it all creatively. This would go down as one of the greatest lolsuits of all time.