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Two points. First, here's Chris's description of his father. As usual, with this man he supposedly "loved," all he can do is cite his resume. This is further proof, if any were needed, that Chris didn't know a goddamn thing about Bob as a person. He knows so little that in this extremely brief bio he repeats himself in saying that Bob was "smart."

"My father; he was very smart and technical. A retired engineer from General Electric, he has designed the controls for many a machine, including Plastic Moulding, Steelmill and Sawmill; all with his own Patents and name on them. Without him, you not have the plastic on your smartphones and laptops and game controllers, or even a simple plastic funnel. He also served in the army after WWII, stationed in Souel Korea in the Signal Corp. He knew how to be eloquent in speech, and also put up an argument. Very Smart.
In Memory Of RFCJr: September 4, 1927 - September 6, 2011."

Second, Chris has been trained to respect police officers again. The jerkops are "the impostors of the Poice Force in Blue, with false authorities." While you can request custom jerkop amiibo, "the clothes from the neck down are strictly the Uniforms of White, Brown or Red." He also stresses that they have been "brainwashed" by Graduon, regardless of "their past identities and personalities" and "physical gender and skin tone." In other words, while he may still have a beef against mallcops, he has come to acknowledge the legitimacy of the authority of ordinary police officers. He is including these qualifiers to show that he has backed off from the extreme position he took last year, that he had no respect for any cops regardless of the color of their uniform. This is more evidence of the success of his anger management therapy.


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And here I though Silvana was a Dark type.

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Straight from the creator and artist, Christine/Christian Weston Chandler (myself), a Fresh reposed, coloured, strengthed and certified Silvana Rosechu Amiibo Figure. Silvana is posed performing a mighty powerful kick. It WILL be shipped in a sealed wrap marked "Fragile". My signature will be written on the backs each figure base. A Personal Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the figure. NO LOCAL PICKUP AVAILABLE, at the Personal Risk of myself, the Original Creator and Artist.

Silvana Rosechu, a Psychic Type, was a naturally born female, hatched from one of the eggs that came about from the rainbow of energy that spawned from the collision of Super Sonic with the Pikachu that transformed into Sonichu, and the Raichu that transformed into Rosechu. Her egg landed on the Earth's Moon. She hatched alone, and was able to survive on there. The spirit of Count Graduon found her up there, and took her under his teachings for his desires. Aside from her natural powers, Graduon granted her with the ability to Transform into other beings. The price of which being deprived of being able to naturally give birth, as well as the addition of a male part onto her (at least it stays inside, so states the biology of a Sonichu). Ultimately, she does turn good for the better, but while she was loyal to Graduon, she spied on the electric-hedgehogs, and Christian Chandler (as I was known as back then). And she found a connection with Magi-Chan Sonichu, but she had past denied his views over the social status and lack of social skills of the public, taught to her by Count Graduon.

**Disclaimer: the figure you receive may vary in a small detail or two, compared to the above photograph, but they all have been hand-reconfigured, painted and all that personally.

**As Silvana is able to transform between both genders, she likes to play as the few characters that have both male and female versions in the Super Smash Bros Games, so the program chip in each base can be either a Robin, Wii Fit Trainer, or Villager Amiibo chip. Each Figure will be Leveled up to Level 50 and have maximum number of items, in and for Super Smash Bros (WiiU and 3DS). Compatible for Game Use, or Unlocks, in the following 3DS and WiiU Games: both Super Smash Bros. games, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Mario Party 10, and more titles to come.

**Also, the Metal Sticker has been removed from the base portion of the package, so the figure can be read while inside its package.

Everyone involved, including ALL Bidders, are bound by Etsy's Terms and Regulations as stated therein, link below at bottom of this web page.

Discretion (As stated in the Comic Page image freshly added to the listing with few updates): ALL Sonichu, Rosechu, Cwcville and such material is Copyrighted March, 2000 by Christian Weston Chandler, with Full Paperwork backed up in Washington DC. Any names, persons or characters and such illustrated in the past Original Comic Book Pages, LittleBiGPlanet 1, 2, PSP and Vita Levels under the PSN ID of "Sonichu", and all direct content from the Creator, Christian Weston Chandler, NOT originating from said Creator that may seem similar to anyone past or present, as well as under other respective ownerships, are purely coincidental or otherwise parodic. Ownership of Original characters of Pikachu, Pok'emon and Sonic the Hedgehog are those of Nintendo and SEGA of America respectively, as well as everything Super Smash Bros, respectively. The piece that is being sold on Etsy now is an Original artwork created by the original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, Christian Weston Chandler, and is solely being sold as an artwork.

punchy's probably trans at this point

i mean why the fuck not
At least Chris is internally consistent with the beastiality:


Fan theory, Punchy knocked up Angelica out of wedlock, she hid the baby and gave it to one of her church members to raise, hence why a Chinese girl has a name like Risa Fitzgerald.

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That Family Chandler Pack... Can we say Chris has an unhealthy obsession with his parents? Does he still miss Bob? Because that set seems to allow us to see more into his views about his parents. It's hard to say if he really loved them or not. I know some Asians practice ancestral worship but I'm very sure this is not what it meant.

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That Family Chandler Pack... Can we say Chris has an unhealthy obsession with his parents? Does he still miss Bob? Because that set seems to allow us to see more into his views about his parents. It's hard to say if he really loved them or not. I know some Asians practice ancestral worship but I'm very sure this is not what it meant.

Also the price. $150 for that pack.


That much for three mutilated sloppily repainted amibos. I hope to godbear in heaven nobody has been stupid enough to buy that one. I mean what a huge fucking waste of money. I don't think even Watermellon would be stupid enough to--nah, actually he probably would be.

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Not only that, but Robbie is a female soul, born into the male body, with attraction and kind friendships with women around her age; self identified as a lesbian transwoman. She likes to follow in her father's footsteps, almost literally, by looking to be able to run as fast as, or faster than, her father. She also helps to defend her home town and friends from incoming bullies from Count Graduon's army with her strong electric attacks and speed. And she likes to run and spark with style and sass.
she likes to run and spark with style and sass.
How do you run with sass? :\


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I'm more surprised that Chris knows of 'shangaied' (in the jerkop description)

insert rant about how someone behind the scenes is helping Chris, etc etc
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