11/8/2019 - Dangerous Pseudoscience and False Doctrine Threatening Transgender People - Tom thinks a 10y/o can be physically and emotionally mature

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Joined about the time he was spergging about 10y/o kids being physically and emotionally mature enough to make sex related, permanent, life altering choices.

Yet Tom still won't #cutitoff

Honestly don't know why he constantly tries to insert himself into the topic of sex and minors. It's almost like he has zero self awareness.

"Jew and Christians thrive under Islamic rule."
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Only tommy could go from blood sacrifice to beatitudes and be calm~iah


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I've written a bit of a summary because god Tom is boring and long winded in the opening and if nothing else I can spare others the torment

0:00 Tom makes sure he has sound before he starts babbling Tom hopes he won't have to go keyboard warrior on the transphobes.

1:00 Tom reminds us he has been kicked off Facebook explains that he has been reduced to talking to his friends through other means and making a nuisance of himself on news comments.

1:30 Tom rambles about religious freedom just being a smoke screen for transphobia

2:00 Tom claims to be too emotionally mature and in too nice of a neighborhood to worry about bigots

2:20 Tom Ask the audience if they have any questions. chat asks what happened to his Facebook and tom answers that sneasel stalked and reported him and they shut him both down.

2:35 Tom lets us know how he can still be reached and states that he hopes he doesn't get any calls as he is tired of dealing with idiots.

3:00 Tom claims to be the trans mister rogers educating and entertaining us all

3:30 Tom claims he likes talking about religion and politics but doesn't like fighting also that the first amendment doesn't apply in sovereign airspace

4:00 Tom reads a bit from yahoo relating back to religious freedom just being trans hate blah blah blah says people in yahoo answers are deeply stupid notes that nobody actually gives a fuck unless it directly effects them and the only people it effects are religious fanatics and mentally unstable queers

5:30 Tom states that in this day and age that the only thing we should care about is if someone is an asshole and I agree Tom you are an asshole

6:00 He reiterates that only zealots give a shit about trans issues

6:30 Tom checks for more questions realizes he has none

6:45 Tom wants to laugh at the trolls who thought they could impersonate his black christian lesbian refuge councilor person he's not falling for it of course given his track record that might have just been her

7:45 Tom has trouble finding his DMs in discord

8:30 Tom reads the impostors message Tom doubts it. it's all its pretty short and not that funny

9:15 Tom notes that he is not holding anyone's attention tonight which is fine with him
as it means he is boring the trolls

9:40 Tom lights a joint takes a toke and proceeds to have a coughing fit. Seriously Tom how are you this smooth brained

10:30 Tom states that he promised to talk about pseudoscience but he wants to have a look around elsewhere and starts reading an article from the daily beast about you guessed it how religious freedom is just a smoke screen for intolerance because Tom steals all his talking points. its pretty fucking boring

19:20 Tom is finally done reading the article and is now reacting to comments that this whole push against LGBT rights is a bunch of bullshit that isn't really happening
Tom states nuh-uh it totally is but we are one big happy family that's just getting stronger especially because are parents are sticking with us now.

20:00 Tom talks about how the gays are rallying and how people like him are coming out of the closet and how a bunch of post-ops are dropping their stealth too states that they almost achieved full equality in 2016 and then trump was elected

20:45 Tom returns to reading the article and rolls another joint

24:15 Tom claims that he is the logical messiah to stem the growing tide of bigotry because he is a Jewish warlock trained in life sciences and he is queer as fuck and is perfectly suited to enlighten us all on how both scripture and science are on his side

25:00 Tom is done reading articles for now and asks us if we have any questions Tom then begins typing mouth agape as he leans to the left

26:30 Tom receives message claiming to be from Aisha apparently asking "hello dear how are you" is out of character for her. apparently he scolded her for calling him dear when they first met and she doesn't call him sister also she has a new word for god that she picked up from him and nobody knows

26:50 Tom is now smoking his second joint

27:10 Tom explains what Namaste means apperently its hindu meaning the I in I sees the You in You

27:45 Tom makes a run through of his labels and how his penis "wants to be used in a vagina rather than a pooper so I'm not gay I'm queer"

28:30 Tom gives condolences to some one in chat who say they had a diarrhea accident in KFC

28:40 Tom is asked "isn't queerness about sexual orientation" for which he seem taken momentarily off guard after regaining his composure he explains how people like him used to be called queer back in the day

29:40 Tom spergs about the article and advocacy groups the swarm grows daily according to tom

30:45 Tom is back to reading the news seems to be the same article

32:20 Tom has coughing fit needs more water

33:45 Tom is back the shitty newscaster act can continue
35:50 And we finally, Finally get to what Tom cares about in this whole stupid mess which is that three states want to make Trans kids illegal and frankly I hope they succeed

36:30 Tom states that Trans children are not getting drugs and surgery if only that were true apparently its all about letting children dress how they like bullshit Tom bullshit

36:50 Tom believes that children being persistent about what they identify as is enough to warrant puberty blockers apparently he thinks puberty blockers aren't a drug he certainly labors under the notion that they are harmless if only

37:30 Tom say they are not performing surgery on children so its all good

I'm bored screw you guys I'm going home I probably won't be back to this


You know, this exceptional shit has me thinking, the Terfs and right wingers should really put money into getting Tom more attention online.

He seems like the inevitable conclusion to trans inclusion, and thus the perfect argument for not pursuing trans inclusion. Like, imagine him getting sponsored via superchats so he'd stream more and gets put higher up in youtube's algorithms. I feel like that would get a larger audience to watch him, and realize how crazy these people are.
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