11/8/2019 - Responding to KF incels and truscum's delusions about me. - Tom goes attention seeking at two in the morning

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Sep 6, 2019
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0:00 Tom completes the ritual soundcheck and greets us, He then informs us that he is angry and wants all the harassment to end and what better way to make it end then to reply to us. Tom follows this by stating he is under no obligation to pass and reiterates that he is naturally feminine

1:35 Congratulations to @BigTodd DJ Dog-fucker has given you a shout-out, "Tom is a fake tranny which is why he is non-op and makes no effort to pass" Tom replies that he is under no obligation to fulfill your fetishistic notions about being trans.

2:00 Tom begins explaining why he's getting in the middle of the Doctor Metzer thing its a very boring explanation for which he seems stoned/senile throughout involving some non-binary persons blog

3:00 Tom lights a joint and explains that he was dropped from SAGA for sticking up for a member of the old board and has been quietly re-instated no apology required in this speel he is upset with us for making assumptions and says we need to stalk him more closely

4:00 Truscum shout out time Come on down @Mariposa Electrique
"I don't see why Tom is bothering any of these people. It's not like he'll ever be able to afford cosmetic surgeries. Hell, he'd probably be rejected from back alley silicone injections because he doesn't wipe his own ass. Love how he calls himself non operative, as if he had a choice. "

4:20 Tom responds to this comment "Listen Fool I don't give a fuck what you did to yourself but I was born this way and I made a deal with my ancestors and the creator of that speaks to me" Tom explains how people this think he is a beautiful butterfly and how the sun shines out his asshole

5:00 Tom thinks we are mentally damaged because we see him for the degenerate dumpster diver he is.
"Are you trying to tell me I'm stupid when people have been telling me that I'm a genius all my life" The difference between us and your friends Tom is that we're sober.

5:20 Tom asks for a volunteer from the audience it's apparently time to argue, Tom says that he is going to hunt down yawning sneasel if its the last thing he does

6:15 According to Tom we are all under-estimating him and we will soon pay for it

6:30 Tom states he could totally take sneasel IRL

7:00 apparently Sneasel got Tom banned from Facebook and is posting on it in AMB Tom has been reported for encouraging violence

8:00 Tom doesn't threaten he prophecies

8:15 Tom responds to some one pointing out that he has been predicting our downfall for two years invites us to fight him IRL

8:45 Tom reads post from Troll informing him that he can shit on Tom with impunity Tom says
that the law police will be on this soon and that he will finally overcome this

9:50 Tom reads post about Sabrina repeats story about totally consensual encounter

11:20 Tom blocks some one on suspicion of not being Joe

11:30 Tom calls us mean names and tells us to get a life Tom repeats deal with creator his soul was apparently taken from him by industrial fascism and conformance to societies standards and I thought it was just Satan

12:00 Tom informs us that he is developmentally arrested "I'm just a little kid in an old farts fucked body and I never was very masculine in appearance " Tom admits for perhaps first time in forever that he is not very feminine blames years of testosterone poisoning.

12:40 Tom tells us that he is totally not doing it for asspats he tells us he is an artist and a peaceful man briefly acknowledges chat and states he is a good person

13:30 Tom reiterates the lie that his parents never paid him to stay away and states that he has real friends and admirers a statement that I've never seen evidence for

14:00 Tom wonders whats wrong with us why do we want to hurt him.

14:45 Tom is hung up on Sneasel, Tom states that Sneasel is admitting to crimes and plotting crimes against him Tom states that Sneasel is going to prison the moment he brings this to court and hes going the moment he gets a lawyer

16:40 Tom responds to chat nothing terribly interesting

17:30 Tom shows chat his rock collection believing he may soon make a sale

18;15 Tom struggles to find his rock collection among his other garbage

19:30 Tom shows off what your Patreon donations can buy you

19:55 Tom explains the worthless pebble billing system

21:10 Tom looks to be getting a live caller. Tom begins telling the tale of getting swatted as chat requested

22:45 Tom shares discord server link

23:00 Tom explains how we are all out to get him

24:10 We have a guest
24:20 Tom lighting another joint "can you hear me alright I can hear you just fine"

24:36 Caller wants details on exactly what illegal thing Sneasel is doing Tom is confused by this request

24:50 Tom "You have no first amendment rights here Joe this is private property and I'll block you from here just as quick as the other place"

25:10 Tom tells us that he is speaking with bird of prey5 hes the owner of joe's juot.net he tells us that he is either part of the game or just the biggest idiot in the crowd

25:30 Tom states that sneasel is an alt-right troll spergs about the farms

25:50 Joe "Tommy, Tommy lets do this specifically what is happening what law did he break?"

26:00 Tom "Incitement. conspiracy"

26:10 Joe "To do what". Tom "all sorts of shit has been happening dude are you trying to challenge the validity of my complaints, are you going to try and tell me that sneasel is not breaking any laws"

26:23 Joe somewhat angrily "I'm trying to find out the truth I'm not trying to fight you"

26:32 Tom "no I'm not buying into that man get specific you know whats going on you said you told me that you knew and that you were going to tell me about knowing and now all the sudden your telling me to validate my complaint you've got about twenty seconds to come through or your gone"

26:53 Joe losing his shit "You're a fucking lair you didn't get swatted by sneasel"

27:01 Tom fuck with the mute robbing us of precious ranting

27:08 Tom ends the call with Joe and states he knew he didn't get swatted by sneasel
"sneasel is the one who is like managing the thread and directing people at me"
28:00 Some one attempts to bring Mamzer to Toms attention it takes tom doesn't get what chat is talking about. Tom believes if there is every a Tom movie we will all be in jail

28:41 Tom states we are either paid to fuck with him or mentally personally I'm mentally ill any of you guys getting paid

29:00 Tom reiterates that he is going to court soon and then it over for us and tells us about the government conspiracy
29:25 "Your just incels your little maggots crawling on the surface of this world who are not long for this world I really pity your last days namaste motherfucker"

30:00 More fuckery as chat tries to get him to watch the mamzer trailer,he reiterates that we are mentally ill assholes

30:17 Tom"I don't scream or whine there's no dialogue to be had Its like the people trying to invalidate transgender people with a bunch of shitty scripture, discredited pseudo-science and paranoid delusions you got nothing your just assholes sadomasochistic voyeuristic assholes you've driven ten people to suicide and your not gonna make it eleven with me that's for sure you've been connected with how many dead bodies?"

31:25 Tom has trouble getting to the Mamzer trailer even when linked to it

32:30 Tom still not finding after getting more help from chat reminds us that we are awful people

33:30 Tom invites chat Kiwi to fight him IRL Tom has long since stopped doing anything of interest and I feel done summarizing

In total Tom spergs for 38:51 minutes smokes three joints and gives two shout outs
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Jul 23, 2017
Interesting point. Are you still an incel if the person you had sex with couldn’t give consent? Obviously this theoretical person would be a rapist and likely also a dogfucker, but I think this is an interesting question.
You're right, my bad. He's an incel rapist. The dog gave consent according to him but that's not a human so he's still an incel.


Don't Touch my NFT!!!1!11!1!!!
Sep 6, 2019
Any one else notice hes not playing the sax much lately I wonder if one of the other bums stole it or did he have a rare moment of self awareness and realize he's bad at it?

Just a boring name

Rocky Flintstone rubbed my rivets.
Mar 9, 2019
I will wager my right tit that I have better sex, better weed and better dress sense than TootyBoy.