[11 May 2019] Phil Plans to Move Out in June - Because what is a home without an abuser?


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Holy shit! Phil’s apartment rents for over $1,000 a month! Even Portland has plenty of apartments available for $200 less than Phil is paying!
As if that matters to a sponge.
Sec 8 recipients pay 30% of market rent.
Only $300
And its super hard to get kicked out.
Even drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes
General riff raff will never be evicted because that subsidised $700 is guaranteed as long as phill pays his measly $300 a month.

Apartments for $100 \ mo? I doubt it.

If you meant $800 \ mo

Phil would only be
required to pay $240 \ mo
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"PRY MY HOUSING FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS" indeed, Phil. I guess a shitty google review is kinda the same thing, right? Such an anarchist, so much crime. Wow.

That response from the landlord, ouch. A perfect understated burn, confirming that Phil has been booted due to noise and disturbing other neighbours - and that all Phil's claims of using extendable batons and pepper spray were utter bullshit. Neighbour asked Phil to pipe the fuck down, Phil waddled away as fast as his gangrenous feet could carry him, probably soiling himself in the process. Rehashes it online later to make himself the hero because he's embarrassed and annoyed with himself that he doesn't have the balls (literally now) to do anything but run away when challenged.

Phil is a coward and a liar, confirmed once again.

I wonder which naive idiot has agreed to take Phil in? According to the tweet he already has somewhere lined up. Back to the old grift of playing victim and outstaying a couchsurfing welcome, eh Phil?

Just in case there's any confusion as to the super hard super victim supersoldier any random antifa wannabe viewers are helping, here's a video made my the man himself showing just how strong he is (ignore the cosplay, it was from before he found antifa. He totally does this with a facemask and antifa hoodie on now).

(It's amazing how nothing but the wig has changed)