Crime 11 shot on Canal Street in New Orleans -

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Free, White, and 21
1 shot on St. Bernard Avenue, bringing daily total to 15 in New Orleans (

A man was shot in the 1300 block of St. Bernard Avenue Sunday afternoon, according to the New Orleans Police Department, brining the total number of people shot in New Orleans Sunday to 15.

The incident was first reported shortly before 4:15 p.m., according to NOPD, in the third shooting incident of the day.

Police are also investigating a shooting that took place on Canal Street shortly before 3:30 a.m., leaving 10 injured. Another shooting in Mid-City Sunday left two people dead, with another two victims surviving with gunshot wounds.

No additional information was immediately available in the St. Bernard Avenue incident.

W00K #17

Boy Man God Shiiiit
I was just in New Orleans last week in the same area and it’s a disgusting cesspit. The food is good but the city is covered in aggressive homeless crackheads and other degenerates. There's literal piss and vomit everywhere and it smells especially nice in the mornings after they hose it off the sidewalks and it starts evaporating in the sun. I don’t think I need to state the ethnicities of the crackheads that will fuck with you.

Literally everything you described is part of what makes it fucking awesome.

Learn to party you fucking pussy.
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GG Allin once threw his poop at me.
An old high school buddy is now a lawyer in New Orleans, and for a couple years during Halloween and Mardi Gras he'd round up his paralegals and go down to Bourbon Street with signs like those preachers have. Only difference is his signs advertised his prowess as a DUI lawyer, also how large his genitalia are. Pretty funny stuff. I wonder if he's still doing it?

The 8 of Spades

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This isn't a mass-shooting though?
It's only a mass shooting if it's

  1. A white person doing it.
  2. It happens somewhere white people frequent.
  3. Not a white person killing only other white people, must involve a "minority" of the racial or sexual variety.
  4. Black shootings cannot be classified as mass shootings, because that's just expected of those lowly negroes but we're the media, so of course it isn't racist that we think that, it's only racist when you think that.
  5. If shooter appears to be possibly white but isn't, follow list NA/463-V (the Product of White hate/government/"supremacy" plan).


New Orleans is pretty nice as long as you stay out of downtown, and especially the Quarter. Once the sun goes down I wouldn't recommend the CBD or the French Quarter to anyone. Jefferson Parish is a great place to live, though.
Except that's not New Orleans. It's like saying you live in Detroit but actually live in Troy.

New Orleans has always been that way. People try to blame Katrina but I've been there before Katrina hit. It was a dump then and it's a bigger dump now. French Quarter is the only thing to really visit because they tend to have wealthier white people there. Foods good but honestly it's just a shitty nigger town that should be swept into the sea. Also all those niggers came from there and moved to Houston and nigged it up even more.
You know, I thought SOME stuff was at least getting better. Apparently the Warehouse District is the place to be for actual residents who aren't shitbags. as yuppies are replacing hipsters. An abandoned tower on prime real estate right on the river was converted to a Four Seasons, and some pretty decent casino resorts are nearby. The other end of downtown up Canal Street across I-10 is a different story, even after LSU built a butt-ugly medical center campus while the old Charity Hospital sits abandoned.

Orientals are honorary Aryans.
LOL, so that includes Jews and Pakis?

The 8 of Spades

I Cheated Death, I Suggest You Do The Very Same
True & Honest Fan

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