12/1/2019 - A Rare Saturday Night At Home. -

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Lol, Tom admits to reading other threads and looks through B.P.

Stop murdering that flute! It's already dead!

The Reaper

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Yikes at his piano playing. Wonder type of keyboard he's on.

And why doesn't he just shut the phone off? He needs social interaction that much he'd just take calls from prank callers instead of ignore them?

Freshly Baked Socks

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- calls herself the Dog Mistress or DogMaster
- agrees to perform blowjobs for telephonic solicitors

A 'rare' Saturday night indeed.

Mariposa Electrique

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God, that was so boring. Now Tommy is lying about meeting Dr. Bronner and how an investment banker took a special interest in him. He's still butthurt about being called a pervert. Tommy just got swatted, it was hilarious.
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Digging through trash, Reading your mail
"supposedly sneasel is this character" and like a sucker I tab back in because I forgot for a mere moment that Tom lacks the technical competency required to put images on screen

Also I love how Tom claims to be so good at ignoring the farms and how he's been boring us to tears but we are all he talks about good job Tom, you have truly proved yourself to be a woke peace and love hippy guru above the petty concerns of our world.

Also according to Tom the spiritual leader autism isn't real, some guy named doctor bob told him so.

And Tom can hear the wireless signals and five G will kill us, Adam and Eve were the last kings of the last high civilization You know it's nice when Tom takes the time to explain how the world works to us

Wait, Wait Tom smoked crack this is either the dumbest story he has ever told, or one of the dumbest things he's ever done
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every post you make is libelous, Big Clod. I did not beg for money. i asked them to buy some jewelry.

@Postal_Rat if you are capable, read the section in the Urantia Book about Adam and Eve. Then if you're capable, go look at some of these articles. You look foolish to stable, mentally well people ridiculing me for speaking about things that are supported by published works. Otherwise, go back to your video g ames. you're out of your league on this.

He's so good at ignoring the farms that he's been barging into threads outside his own forum just to get attention.
i'm only here for a short time, maggot. i'll be gone in a few days and you won't see me here again or mentioning this behavioral sink much for months.
Come on now, even you know that's not true. You can't stay away from this site, it's like the beef you find in the dumpster, just irresistible to you.
your delusions are as ridiculous as you, child. i really don't spend more than a few minutes a week here and haven' t for many months. you people are insane and you're propagating lies about me which are fortunately not credible to most people, but they still present a threat to my livelihood and safety.

are you the same person as chimpburgers? if so , buckle up, fucktard, because you and David Merrill aka Yawning Sneasel are going to be the stars of the show at TPD HQ in the morning.