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Crystal Golem

Big Dawg/Tribal Chief
Being a male hambeast with a crippling animal tranq addiction is gigachad.
What appears to be a doughy pallid exterior is really just pure lumps of accumulated T. If only I knew the glory of being such a straight up alpha. I'm shaking my emaciated, virgin fist in jealousy.


My favorite anime is Don’t Starve
True & Honest Fan
Would you look at the absolute EDGE on that last fucking post by Riley. And you do know someone you fat faggot, look in the mirror.
What a maroon. The coof hits those with comorbidities harder, but supposedly how badly it affects you has more to do with your genetic makeup. We already had a Deathfat get it (Tammy Slaton) & she's managed to survive...so far. That's what makes it so indidious--you DON'T know how it affects you, pre-existing conditions or no.

But sure, a dopey fat drug addict will beat the odds through sheer force of will. When I think pillar of strength, I think of a fat retard stoned out of his gourd in perpetuity.