12/18/2019 - Breaking Stonebreaker OHHC's stones - Tom is starting a feud with a musician

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Digging through trash, Reading your mail

Edit: fast summary of the first eleven minutes where tom doesn't do much

0:00 Tom does a sound check

2:00 Tom poorly explains the premise of the stream namely that he will be apparently arguing with some one from a band about politics we are in for a fun time

11:28 Tom has a friend on the phone looking for an arguement nothing happened before this really

Stonebreaker "Okay should I show you the same amount of respect you showed me when you said I hated a bunch of people I never said I hated or when your friends said I raped my kid"

Edit 2: Seems tom is making friends again seems to have decided that some no name musician by the name of Stonebreaker OHHC is his new mortal enemy and in cahoots with us looks like he already has a second interview lined up with him.
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Tom was trying to white knight for a trans kid he wanted to impress by picking a fight. Tom got destroyed and the troon kid never paid him the attention he craved.

Fun fact, Tom is an insufferable idiot.
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