12/23/2019 - Monday Morning Mambo - Putting a point on how lonely and isolated he is / Holiday chimp-out 2019


Check your immunoprivelege.
Tom is penisandvaginating. Apparently gender is not related to our sex organs, but rather how you feel and express yourself. I suppose by this line of reasoning, a mental man can get physically pregnant. There are women walking the streets with a penis and men with a vagina, because gender is psychosocial and not necessarily linked to the fashion accessory that the Good Lord attached to your pelvis.

Tom, we all know this. But not everybody agrees with it. It isn't that we are stupid, or male supremacists. It isn't that we don't like you. It is that we are of a different opinion on this matter.

Tom has a doctor's note saying he is biologically male but actually a woman.

I have one too, actually. Can an ultrasound picture, or the results of a pap smear count as documentation that many of us are women too? Or is that just culture? Literally, just a cell culture.

What if you have a male child who is too intellectually disabled to individuate? He takes his existence completely for granted.

Are we reckless for calling him a boy just because of that flappy hose from which he urinates?
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