12/24/19 - Watch Somebody Attempt To Rape Me Live At 10 PM Mountain - Tom celebrates Christmas with buggery?

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I think most of us lost interest after the phone calls. I cant imagine it progressed past him complaining about bugs, empty threats of sexual assualt, and shit music playing.
Kinda turned into a one on one conversation because I asked some questions in chat. Also some very nice Tooter melodies on that jammin' piano. Wouldn't take requests though. Shame.


Feel free to misgender me.
This scene is more appropriate for Holy Week, when Catholics and Orthodox, world wide, celebrate how Jesus returns to Jerusalem, to be celebrated, put on trial, then sacrificed for our sins, by sinners.

Sinners like the cross-dressing pagans and Romanized Jewish degenerates who behaved a lot like Tommy and his rapist friend.

Why Christmas Guys? That is supposed to be about the birth of a baby and presents .... chill in the middle of winter.

Easter is about drama.

I can't play Tommy's 1.5 hr Xmas eve video because my kids are always with me and I don't know what kind of degeneracy is going to surface.
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