12/25 - The "Teen Troon Squad" reveals themselves, say they're behind the Merge -

Apteryx Owenii

formerly a jerkop, wants to avoid merge
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lol 20 more years of this autistic nonsense

This is hard to parse out, is someone basically trying to personal army someone else here? Maybe because she\he\it is mad that the other one's mommy won't let her smoke weed there anymore?

For fuck's sake, Chris is in his mid 30s and he gets involved in this stupid shit.


I called the number and a female sounding voice said "Stop fucking calling me you piece of shit!"
I heard another voice in the background telling her to hang up the phone. Maybe the mom or another troon.

are you suggesting this is now a 3 way war between Troon Squad, Idea Guys and Kiwi Guardians?
Looks like it. Though I suspect the troon squad might want out of the situation real soon.
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Christorical Figure
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inb4 the troon squad is just as exceptional as Chris
Inviting a exceptional man twice their age to their house to smoke weed with them is pretty exceptional.
@The Captain you dropped the name "Celeste" some time ago when last you spoke of the teen troons? Is this info valid?
This info is legitimate.

Mr. 0

god im not good at computer how did this get here
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Inviting a exceptional man twice their age to their house to smoke weed with them is pretty exceptional.

This info is legitimate.
holy shit lets go beat them up and then crush chris's fantasy with a heavy dose of reality
let's tell him they delayed the merge because they want to bar him from CWCville money and see him get evicted

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