[13 Nov 18] "Kiwi Farms threatening to arson my apartment" - Asspatting proved too addictive.


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Anything we say that can be used to manufacture a post begging for asspats. That's the real reason Phil is still reading Kiwi Farms after all these years.

Whatever happened to us apparently wanting to withdraw his citizenship or something?

The fat idiot knows we're shitposting, but it suits him just fine to reeeeeee that we're an actual threat because it makes people feel sorry for him. Or at least, it did. Until he burnt (ha) through friends so fast that he's left with the minor dregs and newbies who'll wise up to his lies quick enough.

Phil quite literally lives for asspats. It's the reason he went gay, went troon, and then cut his dick off. It's also the reason he thinks he's a commie Maoist anarchist antifa. Whatever's currently edgy, he's it - now tell him how stunning and brave he is. Shame almost everyone (bar this new asspatter who seems so oblivious he could well be a troll) ignores him.

Phil literally lives for the internet.

Edit: Do we think Phil actually believes we pay his downstairs neighbour to harass him, or is that a shitty attempt to get us to defend ourselves? Because lol on either count.
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