[13 Nov 18] "Kiwi Farms threatening to arson my apartment" - Asspatting proved too addictive.


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And the funny thing about him protesting against electricity is because of some shooting, which was completely unrelated to electricity. Phil probably thought himself to be the most popular protested at the time, and figured that if he protested against eletricity, than all of the other tards he protested with would follow suit. They never did and as always, phil made himself look like an ass in the end.
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It's kind of hilarious that Phil is willing to open up to a complete stranger on DeviantArt, especially one who's account has existed for only like a month. If I wanted to trick Phil into spilling his secrets to me all I'd need to do is make a fake profile that pretended to be into Communism, bicycles and tranny shit and he'd buy it whole hog. LOL. He must really be starving for ass pats from his leftist buddies, and the same bullshit that worked 10 years ago just isn't cutting it.

But the thing that even people on here sometimes forget is that Phil doesn't actually believe we're coming to burn down his apartment. It's all roleplaying for him. Chris Chan actually believes that Sonichu and friends are real, on some level, and that he's interacting with them. Phil pretends to be "La Panthera," but it's just like a little kid pretending to be a cowboy, or a pirate, or an astronaut. At the end of the day he goes home knowing it's fake and that his life actually kind of sucks. In fact, Phil seems to be rather self-conscious of pulling his tranny bullshit in public, so while hes oblivious enough to cover himself in tattoos that look like a toddler's scribbles, he wouldn't be caught dead walking down the street in a dress.

He does know we talk about him, and that we laugh at him and make fun of him, but he doesn't know why. Like most autistic people he has trouble forming a theory of mind. For whatever reason, he thinks that weird SJW politics are "cool," so he thinks everyone else must think that trannies and bicycles are cool too, and if we don't, well then we're just jealous! So when he claims he got his dick chopped off, he thinks we'll all go "wow, Phil is so cool and hardcore!" Instead we just laughed at him and he can't quite wrap his head around that.

For all his bravado, Phil would still be scared shitless if he actually ran into someone from Kiwifarms. We are a shadowy, faceless entity, a convenient bogeyman for him, but we are distant. He has trouble thinking of us as real people rather than cartoon characters. Especially because he probably thinks none of us live in Portland. Or Oakland, Philly, New York, whatever liberal shithole he wants to live in. He wouldn't believe that some of us aren't white, or aren't conservative, or whatever, because it doesn't fit his narrative.

Of course, he'd still probably shit himself if he knew there's at least one Kiwi agent who he knows IN REAL LIFE and interacts with daily. I mean, how do you think we know so much about Phil and his activities? But I probably shouldn't say anything else about her, wouldn't want to compromise her identity. ;)


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I highly doubt he knows about the story of the boy who cried wolf. And if he knew, he didn't learn anything from it.
Well the same thing can be said for Chris as well too.

To be fair we did have to be in the area anyway to tape the envelope full of unmarked bills on David's door just like we do every month.
Don't forget about the care package and $1000 we send to slingblade once a month as well.