FIGGIN [14 Jan 19] Squeakings in Villa DeLici offend neighbor transphobe - Slingblade is to blame


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Is that the schizophrenic neighbour transphobe? Or a different neighbour transphobe?
Since Toren mentions the neighbor thinking they spy on him with holograms, it's probably the schizophrenic.

Interesting how these people find blatant and malicious ableism towards someone with an illness that is legitimately debilitating funny, just because the poor guy is a filthy male. As though they aren't all males themselves.

I'm thinking it wasn't the sound of the urine stream itself. Phil literally bounces and squeaks while he pisses, like a 50 year old guy with a bad liver.
I used to live in a shithole apartment where, yes, you could hear the urine stream. But there's not anything that can be done about that, without turning the complex into one that doesn't offer affordable rent rates for the disabled.


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Curious. How can a dainty laydee pee so loudly that a neighbour could hear? Unless the dainty laydee was peeing standing up because they had a dick...

And yeah, not just taking the piss out of (:cringe:) but actively trying to aggravate a neighbour with a debilitating mental illness isn't very woke of Phil and his 'girlfriend'. Not that anyone here expected anything different.

Guaranteed Phil and Slingblade are clomping about and making as much disturbance as possible at all hours just to offend the mentally ill 'transphobe' downstairs. We know they both lie about pretty much everything, I hope he's lying about the landlord ignoring reports from the guy downstairs. Leaving a guy with uncontrolled schizophrenia with no support when neighbours are harassing him is pretty awful. In fact, it's exactly the kind of thing someone like Phil would call a riot over, if he were the subject in question. We all know Phil's outrage at discrimination only extends as far as the end of his microdick, though, and Slingblade's as far as the bottom of his vodka glass.


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He’s a victim alright. A victim of the system, Vikki. The system that treats the mentally ill as something dirty, to be avoided wherever possible because they offend our sensibilities and perhaps because they’re an uncomfortable reminder of how far we can all fall.

Of course, you’d know all this, as a “disabled” “woman” who “suffers” from “mental illness.”


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I used to live in an apartment building, around 15 floors and I was in the 10th. We had a lot of noisy, stompy and loud neighbours and man, we yelled at each other all the time... But I've never felt it was a personal deal, you know. People sometimes don't realize when they're bothering someone else so a reminder now and then is business as usual.

Now comes the drunkard cave troll to crave on gender ideals because he's being a nuisance on purpose out of spite for the other dude.

I don't believe in karma as much as I believe in not burning bridges for no reason. Let's just hope no dire situation comes to happen in which they need help from the neighborhood.
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