Disaster 15-year-old boy holding a crucifix blocks LGBT march in Poland -


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A 15-year-old boy blocked an LGBT+ equality march in the city of Płock, in Poland, on Saturday while wielding a crucifix to “counteract evil deeds”.

The teenager, Jakub Baryła, describes himself as a “Catholic, traditionalist, conservative and patriot”.

He told wPolityce.pl he came up with the idea when he first heard about the Pride march, but he was worried about how people would react.

“However, when I saw a wonderful picture of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo I decided that I had to come back to my idea,” he said.

Jakub Baryła had to be removed by riot police.

He continued: “I asked for a cross from a priest from a Płock parish. The priest was afraid of atheists profaning the Holy Cross, but he gave me a crucifix.

“I wanted as many people as possible to see my gesture. I wanted to make them reflect and discuss. First, I walked with a cross in my hand in front of the police cordon protecting the equality march.

“Later I sat on the pavement and prayed in Latin with the words Salve Regina. I directed my prayer to the Mother of God, the ideal of purity. Policemen came to me and asked me to get out of the way.

“I said I couldn’t do it because the participants of the march are destroying my Catholic faith and profaning the Polish flag by placing a rainbow on it.”

Riot police then had to physically remove Baryła as he refused to move out of the way of the march.

The teenager was hailed by an English deacon as a “Catholic hero”.

He later wrote on Twitter: “Our Holy Faith commands us to counteract evil deeds. I tried to do it. Saying that I was going against people is harmful, I was going against the bad deeds that are promoting homosexuality.”
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In a strange twist of irony, he'll probably come out as a flaming homo with AIDS himself. As do most homophobes.

Jokes aside, I can't stand the current state of politicizing who you sleep with. If I stood on a street corner and professed my sexual preferences to random passersby I'd be seen as a weirdo, not praised for being "brave and stunning." Still a laugh that they had to remove the boy to keep it going.

Again, nothing against gay people, but LGBTQ has way too much politics mixed in as it is.


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Truly a child, who wishes to express his views in public and unarmed is reason for a fucking SWAT team. This is why people more world wide are turning anti LGBTQWTFAH64.

Frankly, I pity sane homosexuales but they didn't gate keep, they let the troons in, the rapists, the pedos etc.. this is what you got. If you knew anything of the LGB history of the US they didn't get allowed in society till they threw them out, in the 70s gay rights marched arm locked with NAMBLA early 90s they said no more and.. some how humans accepted them, then troons showed up and people hate gays again.

This kid needs a go fund me.

Duke Nukem

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