Australatina [16 Dec 18] Autistan's Credit Status downgraded to "Junk" - Government funds all funneled to cheese and ginger roots

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But. . . Why ?
Because revolution, that's why. It's a country made for rebels toppling the government. I guess there is some truth that rebels don't know how to run a government after the violence is over.

Autiststan sound more like Somalia at this point. Way to make your imaginary country attractive to tourists, genius.
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I love the implication that Greece=Junk, because Pretty Much Yeah.

The Ancient Greeks gave us arts, sports, medicine, law, language, science, mathematics, and philosophy that are still immensely valuable today. He's comparing Autistan to a garbage country, and yet it's still too high of praise.


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But. . . Why ?
Phil is such a loser that even his happy place is a failure.
He probably did. Phil does have the memory of a brick wall. Also, I guess something else is stressing him out again because he's financially damaging autismland and inciting the imaginary citizens to riot for no reason.
Probably to do with the fact that Izzy Hell is so scared of his neighbour that he wears riot gear to pick up the mail now. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that he’s also trying to make out like he’s a big wheel in Antifa who everyone’s scared of.


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Well... Less fucked up as Venezuela. S&P puts Venezuela in sovereign default, and anything below BBB is junk.

Other credit agencies may disagree.
Of course they will say that, they are Americans, they hate our glorious nation because we have oil...and....errr..... oil and oil i think? (jokes apart this was actually a official declaration of our government)
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No Phil, I will not make another thread on your shitty country until at least next year you desperate for attention and completely monstrous tard.

Either way, the Austrolatine economy is actually starting to improve as of late given the decmaoization of the economy and the influx of American businesses taking advantage of the cheap as shit resource pricing (among the cheapest in the Americas), especially made easier when the very untrusted Pantera (the original currency named after Dear Leader) was replaced with the traditional Peso (though Aguila was suggested as a name) last year. It literally went from B- to B+ on the S&P with a positive trend over the last couple of years. Heck, in a couple more years it might actually make it into the BB- to BB+ tier credit ratings.

Don't like that lore, then tough shit. Just go tantrum onto any of these threads yourself and try to claim what we wrote isn't canon using your actual farms account. You know, @Hispanic_Hitlermobile ?

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Of course his country failed. They spend all that money putting up all those street signs, their leaders spend a fortune on cheese and bondage gear, nobody does any actual work and they keep pissing away money, equipping their military with cheap but flashy looking equipment that falls apart at the drop of a hat. That’s such a recipe for failure that even Phil’s rotten, autistic brain can’t think of any way for it to actually work.