[16-Jan-2020] Pre-Kakarot "Special" Schtreem - "BIG 'State of the Stream' Podcast that will be VERY informative"

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What thing(s) will DSP reveal....on a special edition of "Bitchin' with a Boomer"? (Choose any/all)

  • D-I-V-O-R-C-E

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  • Federal taxes begging setup

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  • The Foreclosure (TM)

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  • Selling the WAKhando

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Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
He sounds like he's going to explain all his debt, here we go. Summary of part 2 follows.

  • First thing is the move, emptied his savings account and then spent a ton more money on the move. Phil still has debt from the move. Blaming the 2015 trolls for his debt because they destroyed his YouTube channel.
  • Aunt was living at the CT condo for 2 years after the move and she died. Phil was charging her to live there and so she stopped paying him because she died. His Aunt dying was 1 of 2 major factors that caused him debt. Screw you Aunt.
  • He took out loans to pay off credit cards.
  • 2019 'shit hit the fan'. The bank was clearing the bill, and charging an overdraft fee. The bank stopped paying out the money and still charged overdraft fees.
  • Claims mom is 'on borrowed time'. Nothing has happened but she could die any moment. His dads health is none of your business, but it's starting to fail too.
  • Phil's mom talked them into getting married during the CT trip.
  • Emerald-seven made it possible for Phil to go to CT and get married.
  • Paid no Federal Tax in 2018.
  • Parents wanted to know 'what the hell are you going to do to salvage your life?' Phil with the financial degree had to have his QVC addict mother tell him how to fix his finances instead of dragging his feet because he doesn't want to deal with it.
  • No mods in chat.

Phil says no one knows about the following:
  • Stopped paying CT mortgage when he got back from eloping. Called bank and said he wouldn't pay anymore because he couldn't. Had to pay $400 per month in housing association fees for CT condo. Bank wanted financial documents for 4 months, told Phil he didn't qualify for any assistance because it wasn't his primary residence. They told him to short sell the property.
  • He tried to short sell the CT condo in 2017. He got a special government mortgage so he couldn't short sell. Phil called them stupid for telling him to short sell because he didn't qualify. Bank said they would take that into consideration and get back to him, and they stopped talking to him.
  • September the mortgage company sold the mortgage.
  • New mortgage company specializes in buying bad mortgages, foreclosing, and suing for the rest.
  • Phil confirms $100K lawsuit and value of CT condo. New mortgage holder wanted his financial documents to work with him. He said no, they said you probably qualify for nothing anyway.
  • All his other debt he's just been making minimum payments when he can. Creditors threatening to send him into collections.
  • October fundraiser for $1,800 was for -"everyone in streamchat is morons he never said foreclosure wasn't true, he dodged the questions, he literally never said foreclosure wasn't true, you won't find that clip, not once did he ever say it wasn't happening. I guess there's no fucking mods here today so I have to ban everyone myself. What a bunch of idiots"- random babbling, vague references to looking into plans.
  • talked to lawyer, lawyer said 'no way out but bankruptcy'.
  • He can't pay down his debts. Saw a bankruptcy lawyer, told bankruptcy lawyer the trolls ruined my income and that's why his income is inconsistent, bankruptcy lawyer said trolls are crazy and obsessed and will find public bankruptcy filings because they are idiots.
  • Trolls found the MidFirst lawsuit day 1.
  • Phil said the phrase 'nip it in the butt' about whether he should publicly announce his bankruptcy plans. Working on bankruptcy with lawyer for 3 months.
  • Phil is declaring bankruptcy because stupid idiot MidFirst bank somehow thinks he owes them the rest of the loan amount after they sell the condo.
  • It's entirety the trolls fault he's still in debt.
  • Says declaring bankruptcy will "exonerate" him from owing MidFirst any money after the sale.
  • Phil isn't sure which bankruptcy he's going to do. Needs to declare bankruptcy because somehow MidFirst bank will make him sell his primary residence and that will protect him.
  • Phil is bummed he can't get any credit cards or loans for stuff during bankruptcy.
  • Owes backtaxes this month. Says Fed government probably won't give another payment plan. He's behind on his Federal taxes this year too.
  • This nigga talking about offering his statues to have the government sell them.
  • Banning more idiots.

Phil, everyone already knew all of this you fucking mong.
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Binge Monster tbh
can someone explain how its possible to file bankruptcy when you having/make so much money, driving a brand new car and living in a big house for 5 people?
He makes so much money. But he wanted to live like he made double or even triple that. So he'd just charge charge charge. Credit card after credit card. To the point where he has so much debt that even with his $100k or whatever a year in income it ends up being makes him unable to keep up with the debt and dig into a hole.