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[19-10-2018] Superhacker group blackmailing DSP?

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by thebonesauce, Oct 20, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. (Credit to @RobVC3 for bringing this to our attention and archiving it as the original post was not long after removed)


    So it would appear someone named theshadowbroker (initialed S.B.) posted the above thread to The King Of Hate forums. The gist of the post is that this SB person is a representative of a super hacker group who has gained access to Phil’s emails, to his Twitch, and his files on his PC, among other things. He also claims they were contracted to do this job, whom they only refer to as, “our client.”

    This person is making one BIG claim; that tut is actually @BSV and Phil knew about it. Now the significance of this, I guess, is that since BSV was b& permanently from Twitch, he’s obviously not allowed to create a sock account to evade a ban. The idea behind this scheme is to have Twitch find out about this sock account, but also find out that Phil has known about this and let him hang around. Aiding and abetting a felon, I guess.

    So what do you guys think about this? Any guesses on who this could be? What do you think their reasons for blackmailing are?

    Personally, I am 100% convinced it’s a really gay ruse cruise. First of all, it’s really fucking apparent to just about anyone that BSV is NOT tut. The thing most people seem to forget is that tut isn’t strictly a DSP paypig like BSV used to be, he also threw thousands at LowTierGod and at least some amount of money to WingsOfRedemption as well. Second, their methods are dubious at best, they began (apparently) by sending numerous emails before finally posting it to the forums. (In my opinion, one of these emails was the one that caused Phil to stop midstream to read it and say he was confused by an email he got and it was pissing him off.) Third, Twitch has made it entirely fucking obvious that short of going on a rant about niggers or showing his dick on stream, they’re not going to get rid of him. They’re definitely not gonna boot him because he knew someone was ban evading.

    In my opinion, this is just some WEENie trying to get him to admit some stupid shit on a stream, and praying it’s enough to get him banned for good. There’s SOME speculation that it might be Bryan Dunn (aka King Of Pol aka Queen of Pole) simply because he’s the only one who really REALLY hates BSV.

    So what do you guys think?
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    thebonesauce The black wind howls...

  2. Really, we rehashing this shit again? Are we gonna get another bat in another vagina?
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    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  3. Son of a bitch. I felt bad not for starting a thread about this earlier :lol:

    I was brushing up on the Bryan Dunn thread. He's... "abit" more aggressive than when I last checked.

    He has a Twitter where he pretends to be Vidar and claims that he (Vidar) is tutankhamunnn

    And this wouldn't be the first psychotic LARPing, either

    "Theshadowbrokers" spelling and syntax is recognizably un-Bryan-like. For what it's worth, I will say that TKOHF Ultimatum's paragraphs are not uniformly spaced. Which is... strange...

    Edit: Bryan likes to post in short spurts, so there's not a terrible amount to compare to. I think you can see the uneven paragraphs in the threads he's made: Boon, BSV (mostly the spaces between pictures), and Dead Pylons. Not that it proves anything. But it's there.
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    #3 Haunter, Oct 20, 2018
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  4. This smells like some asshole trying to get Phil to admit something that this guy convinced himself, sounds like a bunch of bullshit for several reasons:

    - The wording is try hard x 100, what makes The Shadow Brokers so hard to catch is not their kung fu but the disjointed messages, it makes data search engines crazy.
    - Phil discarded the "contact" mails, if there was any kind of truth behind those threats he would've reacted somehow, by sperging of course.
    - Claim to have access to media accounts, but don't release their statement using Phil's twitter, which would prove it's srs bidness.
    - The ultimatum ask for Phil to disclose that he knows tut is @BSV evading ban, but the info they're gonna release in 48 hrs is exactly that, why the ultimatum at all.
    - They claim to have downloaded a lot of shit along with the chats, but sound hellbent to only use the chat, why stop there.
    - The Shadow Brokers are hacker/s that deal with national security lvl of information, unless "the client" is a fucking millionaire why they would even bother.
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    ThePurpleProse Average Joe

  5. Phil is really stale as of late. The outer orbit autists that do this kind of stuff bring me back now and then, but this shadowbrokers crap isn't going to go anywhere. See you guys next season.
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  6. Philip has been so fucking boring for the past 7 months that someone is trying to force some drama I guess. The fact is this sort of exceptional behaviour only serves to give Philip ammunition to use against "the detractors" and makes it easy to dismiss anyone who points and laughs at him. orst of all makes his paypigs rally to support their hero in the fight against the people who want to ruin his life.
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  7. Sum dum speculation:

    Going by this angry rant directed at @thebonesauce and Kiwi Farms, combined with "Theshadowbrokers" TKOHF post, I'll guess that Bryan Dunn's entered the Lolcow stage where he's purposely doing stupid things worth writing here so he can then say, "Ha! I made you talk about me! I'm not your Lolcow, you're my Lolcows!" He's made grandiose claims few could back up so he can say, "Lol! I can't believe you fell for that!" And this is why his deadline is two days, and not the half dozen months of Mystery Woman. He can quickly give himself the satisfaction of his scheme.

    If he's finally managed to mask his idiosyncratic writing, only to be undone by his inability to keep from messing with the spaces in between paragraphs: That would be too perfect.

    I don't actually believe it's Bryan because... it'd be too perfect. I wouldn't have believed BoomerPhil was Bryan, because that was too perfect. I prefer not to get my hopes up. There is, after all, plenty of dum fish in the sea.
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  8. His life is already ruined. No social life, no friends, and family members to have contact with. He also now hates his job and his "fanbase". Only thing that brings him some sort of happiness in life is money and reliving the "good old days" (In his view) alone with gin. All detractors do is point,laugh, and expose how shitty and miserable his life now, not ruin him even futher. He will do that to himself as proven many times in the past. His paypigs "support" of their hero is only just delaying the inevitable and propping up his ruined life.Regardless of how much money the paypigs throw at him, his life still stucks and he's also still hated the majority people on the internet.
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    Ratko_Falco Босна је српска јер је Москва руска.

  9. I think the telling thing (that this is bullshit) is the email/phone checking is a dsp meme. This guy makes it seem plausible that the emails were part of his plan, its honestly a good piece of creative writing.

    Of course if I'm wrong, prove it to me Falcon547
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  10. guess well see in 2 days, honestly im hoping its true. would like some spicy drama around here, been pretty stale to me lately
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  11. DSP has multiple ways someone could give him money. Tipping is done through Muxy or whatever and is not tied to Twitch. Someone desperate to give Phil money could do so by tipping and would not be ban evading or getting Phil wrapped up in abetting a ban evader. There is also Patreon and Teesprings. Buying a tee shirt would give the supporter the bonus of getting some bad ass 10 year legacy merchandise.

    So this theory that BSV would make the Tut persona to evade a Twitch ban to support Phil is exceptional.
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  12. What exactly is a superhacker?
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    True & Honest Fan

  13. Fucking finally a reason to come back to the DSP thread. Thank Godbear for fall/winter.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  14. According to Urban Dictionary

    When you hack a persons account on one website then use their e-mail address to hack their accounts on other websites.

    Dude, I totally superhacked this chick last night. I took over her Gaia, her Photobucket, her Neopets, and a bunch of other accounts
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  15. This sounds fucking stupid.

    I love it. Let's do it.
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    Yellow Yam Scam

    True & Honest Fan

  16. On no, looks like we got a Superhacker whose going to hack himself into the digitized world of the internet and enter the streams of data flowing all throughout and around the internet and hack into DSP computer of all place.
    Wow wee this is going to be fun.
    Like Case from Neuromancer.
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    #16 Zaragoza, Oct 20, 2018
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    Zaragoza Love Saw It
    True & Honest Fan

  17. Keep in mind, tut gave a fortune in bits and gifted subscriptions
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  18. And his paypigs are ultimately making it worse for him, as the longer he keeps up this farce the harder it'll be for him readjust to the real world and the job market.
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  19. Unless it's a popular or notorious streamer who actively streams, Twitch doesn't give a shit about ban evasion. As long as they leave the blacks and trannies alone, don't post Hitler ASCII in the chat, and don't do something heinous in real life that garners a lot of attention, nothing will happen.
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    Dick Pooman

    Dick Pooman Muchacho Sauce
    True & Honest Fan

  20. This sounds like the gayest shit, as if DSP, or someone who desperately needs the drama cloud to be around him wrote it. Just let this idiot fade into further obscurity.

    Iranian falcon out
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