LGBT 2/10 - Chris pictured at LGBT event

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Last week, Chris posted about plans to attend an event called Love is Love at the University of Virginia. People wore shirts supplied by the LGBTQ center and gathered to sing the school's anthem.

    He's at the top left, wearing a white jacket.





    There's also a video, but it's a group shot.

    Also, Chris mentioned plans to go to the UVA's Date Auction event. 2017-02-16 02-00-13.png
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  2. Wonder if he knows what a date auction is?
    And is he going to be auctioned off?
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    Squealer see website
  3. Jesus, he looks like a Granny in that Photo.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. He's touching niggos in that 2nd pic!
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  6. It took me forever to find him. I was expecting his blue/green hair. I guess good for him for actually going.
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  7. 1. I'm disappointed in the lack of danger hair from the group.

    2. I wish I could hear him singing.
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  8. So that's where he got sick...
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    dunbrine47 Has that NewNewbee smell.
  9. I wonder how the lucky girl that gets auctioned to Chris is going to react when he makes the offer of an after dinner eye contact and tribbing?
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  10. Chris doing something outside that does not include macing makes me happy.
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  11. >implying he's not the one they're auctioning off
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  12. That face of the woman behind him; she can't properly express the number of smells currently invading her space.

    Also why does Chris look like he's about to pass judgement down on some dang dirty trolls,
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  13. temp.png

    Nobody there looks healthy...
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  14. Finding him in those pics is like an autistic Where's Wally?
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  15. Wait this is a University of Virginia thing?

    The fatty is 10+ years older than everyone around him who isn't a faculty.
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  16. Honestly I expected when I found Chris that he would stick out like a sore thumb, especially when most of the people here look normal enough, but he really doesn't. Sure he genuinely does look like an old granny amongst mostly young people but this is probably the most non descript Chris has seemed in a while.
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  17. Well at least he's not stalking girls in the library there anymore.

    I hope.
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  18. And the guy in front of him looks like he's trying to find the source of said smells.
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  19. Wow he looks old as fuck
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  20. Word of the day: Hypocrite
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