2/12/2020 - Chickenshit Anonymous Keyboard Commandos and Sado-Masochistic Voyeurs - Tom Tilts at Windmills

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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This is the retread boomer tranny equivalent of "Say it to my face, not online, see what happens".
The funny thing is, we already know what would happen. He'd flail impotently before getting beaten up, or he'd run away. Either way, he'd shit himself. And when he eventually got home, he'd make a video lying about how he beat up some internet warrior.
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It's the type of tired sleep doesn't fix
Man attempts to extinguish fire with gasoline.

He was so close to his thread slipping off into that long good night, but nope he craves an audience so he's going to put on his sad little show and get enraged when every one laughs at him.


I love how when he starts taking deep breaths trying to show us how "healthy" his lungs are you can hear him weezing
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