2/20/2021 - Chris's photos with his fans -

Some Redditor visited Chris.



Also a short clip

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I've seen corpses with more vigor. Why does he look like a fucking hospice patient?
irk? you'd think they're be some happiness considering just a few days ago chris was bitter about being alone on valentine's day and now he's pulling a megan on this new girl and he can barely smile. Then again the other guy's probably her boyfriend so while all he can do is hug her he can't have her so maybe that's why

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Some Redditor visited Chris.
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Also a short clip

"Dripped out" was used to describe Chris in this video. What happened, did he let a bit of piss escape on "accident".

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In this photo, Chris looks like he's getting ready to say this.

What you got in dere dats good to eat!

as men get older the chances of Male Pattern Baldness get higher and higher. So while Chris may not be going bald completely, his hairline is definitely receding.
Not even magical titty skittlez could stop Chris' MPB.