2/25 Livestream Q&A -


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We all have questions about Jace/Jan etc. What questions would you like to see answered/asked in the 'final' livestream Q&A?

Clown Doll

His own Free Bitch
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1. What was your relation to the Kiwi Farms/what'd you think about the weird mix of trollfandom you had here?.
2. Who was 'in' on the whole thing and to what extent?
3. Was anything 'real' (like the Vlogtember crash when you seemed like you wanted to stop "pretending"?) or was literally all of it planned and made up?
4. Did this whole charade make your real life harder (in terms of planning your outings so you're not spotted "out-of character)?
5. Were the abrupt ends to plot arcs(Like Dank Swordz tv) planned or improvised?
6. What was the extent of planning/ just making shit up as you went along?
7. What were the hardest/most intensive story arcs to pull off ?
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