2-5-20: Rebel Media's Bexte and Menzies Sue Yaniv -


Meowmix has posted court documents showing Rebel media reporters Keean Bexte and David Menzies sued Yaniv on February 4 in Surrey Provincial Court seeking $35,000 for the torts of assault and battery. @NerbertHobgobbler has posted the filing below.

The four-page small claims court notice refers to "Jonathan Yaniv, also known as Jessica Yaniv" - lol - and describes two incidents, one on August 15, 2019 (Menzies) and one on January 13, 2020 (Bexte). It says Menzies suffered head, torso, and shoulder injuries, and is seeking damages for pain and suffering, loss of income, and medical treatment and rehabilitation. Bexte is seeking the same type of damages for a head injury, headaches, and bruising.

Both reporters tell the court that Yaniv's conduct constituted a wanton disregard of their rights "which entitles [them] to an order of aggravated and punitive damages."

Yaniv will have 21 days starting on the day after he was service with this notice to file a response, so February 25 or 26-ish. He may seek to have the filing fee waived as he has with other matters. (If he fails to file a response, Rebel can ask the court for a default judgment requiring Yaniv to pay the damages.)

The court will require both parties to engage at a case planning conference and one or more settlement conferences, if I'm reading the rules correctly, before a trial comes up over the horizon. (Legal kiwis, help me out here, please.)

@Keiser Soze 3 has captured the initial Court Services record for the case. The capture also shows the five civil cases Yaniv filed in 2018 and 2019, four of which are live.

KF's previous threads provide a basic timeline of the Yanivs' physical aggression toward Rebel's reporters:
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Oh shit here we go.

The Provincial Court will be biased against the Rebel reporters from the start, but Johnathan has been causing a lot of problems for Surrey. It will be interesting to watch this play out.

Will it be the alt-right nazi's against a "true and honest " troon.

Place bets now.
How can they be biased? They literally have physical evidence.


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How can they be biased? They literally have physical evidence.
The whole MO of 'Rebel Media' is just to go and bait people. They're even more garbage than 'real' media in that respect. The Small Claims Court is a real court AFAIK. They may not appreciate that.

The reason they put the claim in for $35000 is because that is the max for the Small Claims Court. The bar to not get their shit thrown out will be higher and costs will be lower than whatever the next level is. Ezra wants to make sure that he can fundraise for THE CASE AGAINST YANIV as much as possible while minimising his costs.


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I don't have too high hopes about this, but it would be fucking hilarious to see Yaniv having to face more actual consequences for his shit in big boy court where he can't bullshit around and ramble godless nonsense about having small peenus but also functioning dingbat and meat curtains with 1000% genuine periods like in the BCHRT.

Fella said it above, but it is nice to see people making Yaniv to taste his own medicine.

Only thing missing now would be waxing ladies bringing him to the human rights tribunal for being racist piece of shit.


Can you edit with SPOILER tags like below?

Thanks, and thanks for the purchase. What does the Documents tab look like? Here's an example from the Physiotherapists:

Don't know how. Best $12 I ever spent on that website lol. The Documents tab only contains the Notice of Claim at this time.