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Disaster 2-day-old baby girl flushed down toilet in Kerala, plumbers recover body

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by hood LOLCOW, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. A shocking incident has come to light from Perinthalmanna in Kerala where the body of a two-day-old infant has been flushed down the toilet. The body emerged while the plumbers were trying to clear the clog in commode.

    According to local police, the incident was reported last Friday from the house of Dr Abdul Rahman.

    Abdul Rahman and his wife, a doctor couple, used to run a clinic close to house in Perinthalmanna.

    On Thursday, the house maid, who came to clean the bathroom, noticed water clogging in the toilet attached to the consulting clinic.

    As informed by the maid, Abdul Rahman called in plumbers to clean the toilet commode.

    On Friday afternoon, as the plumbers were cleaning the toilet, they noticed a head of the infant which was stuck in duct.

    Abdul Rahman immediately informed the local police which rushed to the spot and recovered the body.

    Based on the complaint received from Abdul Rahman, the local police have registered a case of unnatural death and probe is underway.

    Investigation officer told India Today that they will be exploring all possible aspects in the case but initial hint is that the baby must have been flushed down the toilet by any of the patients who came to see the doctor.

    The dead body has been moved to Thrissur medical college for post mortem.

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    hood LOLCOW

    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  2. I'll get this out of the way:

    designated birthing toilet
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  3. I hope the poor baby at least passed quickly. I also hope whoever did this gets the rope.
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    emspex nice girl
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  4. It's more shocking they even had a toilet.
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    SkeletonBias420 influencer
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  5. I've got to stop clicking threads like these, I'm going to wind up losing all faith in humanity.
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    skiddlez shitty gritty titty fuck truck
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  6. Drowning probably isn't the best way to go out (not to mention drowning in fucking toilet water), so... you know. :optimistic:
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    OhGoy there's a rage within this vessel

  7. I'm not that choked up about it. Human beings don't become self-aware until about 3 years of age. Humans are purposefully born pre-mature so they can adapt to their environments and learn from their experiences as early as possible. A newborn baby is basically a quivering mass of nerves and not much else.
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  8. I'm kind of amazed a 2 day old baby can fit through the pipes.

    Or did she not and got stuck in the plumbing and that's why the plumbers were summoned and i would know that if i bothered to read the article?
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    AngeloTheWizard Bringer of amusing Let's Sperg threads

  9. Tried doing this to my younger sibling once - when I was, like, four or five. Did not work, too old to fit through the pipes.
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  10. Poo in the loo, not babby in the loo.
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    El Garbage

    El Garbage I'm disabling this fucking cesspool of hate

  11. Nobody noticed someone arriving with an infant but leaving without one?
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  12. At least Indians are finally using toilets, progress!!
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    ThePurpleProse Average Joe

  13. At least indian toilet water is the freshest and most pure toilet water in the world.
    Progress indeed, 2020 is just over the horizon!
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    Visitor You are carefully watched by many people.
    True & Honest Fan

  14. Taking "If it's brown, flush it down" to it's logical conclusion
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    polonium By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
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  15. Only the younger generation, and by that I mean the very, very young. Old habits die hard.
  16. I suppose when you're from India it can be hard to tell the difference.
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  17. Instructions unclear, child became stuck in drain.

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  18. Shouldn't two doctors have the knowledge, means, and access to facilities to better dispose of a less than 10lb body?
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    Some JERK

    Some JERK Takin' all the pretty girls.

  19. Life's a shitter, eh?
  20. Poor girl though the toilet was a medical device for giving birth...

    Apoth42 Hehe xd

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